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DEKLEVA GREGORIC. XXS house, Ljubljana

eXtra-eXtra-Small House is located in a specific part of the centre of Ljubljana. The neighbourhood called Krakovo has a structure of a historical village, which was in the Middle Ages supplying the nearby monastery with fresh food and is today highly protected historical area. The basic dimensions of the new house were already defined by law according to the volume of the pre-existing house, hundred years ago working as a service building of a traditional house next-door.


The task was to integrate all residential functions in an extra small volume to suit the needs of a couple living in countryside for their new urban holiday-home.

Since the house faces north, it was a challenge to bring the direct and in-direct sunlight to the living spaces in the ground floor. The heritage protection rules allow light shafts on the roofs, but in this case we turned them towards the sky. This major alternation of the volume opend up completly new attic space suitable for use. A huge wall size slide window opens up the space to the intimate atrium and allows for indirect lighting.

The selection of the façade materials and detailing established the desired service apperance of the house. The concept of raw materials stretches from exterior to interior – using fibre cement panels in their primer mode for the roof and yard façade and "béton brut", terrazzo, plywood, iron, felt for the indoor.

The total area of 43m2 ultimately names the house –XXS.

Dekleva Gregoric arhitekti
DEKLEVA GREGORIC. XXS house, Ljubljana

design team:
Aljosa Dekleva, Tina Gregoric

Ljubljana, Slovenia


project: 2002-2004
date of completion: October 2004

43 m2

62.000 EUR

Matevz Paternoster, Aljosa Dekleva
dekleva gregoric arhitekti was set up in 2003 by Aljosa Dekleva (1972) and Tina Gregoric (1974) after returning from Architectural Association, London, where they both received Master degree in Architecture with Distinction and co-founded RAMTV – an international architectural network. Before AA they have both graduated at Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Their work spans architectural projects with a conceptual approach to intense structuring of space, where they challenge the use of materials and expose their natures as well as stimulate social interactions among users.


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