Nature of the Prize
the prize money is an amount of 11,500 Euros, honourable mentions can also be awarded; the jury can distribute the prize money over a maximum of 3 prizes 
the prize is announced in July 2001 for presentation in May 3rd, 2002 

This year participants can choose between two different themes:
Bathing in light: design new products to light and create atmosphere in the bathroom 
Bathing as a social experience: use the trend towards social bathing as a background to design products which can be used both individually and in a social setting 

Registration, Entering and Returning
participants may be of any age 
registration by sending the entry form to Coram before Dec. 31st, 2001; on reception a registration confirmation will be returned 
only one design per entry form is allowed 
entries can be received by Coram up until February 28th, 2002, after that they will not be accepted 
the address is : Coram International BV, P.O.B. 11, 5660AA Geldrop (street address: Winde 3, 5667AX Geldrop), the Netherlands, tel. +31 40 2 809 896, fax +31 40 2 809 899 

Presentation, Publication and Exhibition
the presentation is planned for May 3rd, 2002, 16.00 hrs at 'Witte Dame' (third floor), Emmasingel 14, Eindhoven, the Netherlands 
the exhibition of the entries is planned there (fifth floor) on May 4th and 5th, 2002. Opening hours: 11 - 17 

Extensive information on the contest as well as an online registration form is to be found on 
Registration forms and further information can be obtained from mr. Mels G.P.Boom, Coram International BV, P.O.B. 11, 5660AA Geldrop, the Netherlands, tel. +31 40 2 809 896, fax +31 40 2 809 899 or e-mail 


Nature of the Prize
the prize aims to stimulate good design in the field of bathroom products 
the prize has an international character 
the prize will be awarded annually by Coram International BV, mentioned hereafter as Coram 
the prize is awarded to the person(s) with the best design; this is decided by an international jury 
entries are product designs in one or more categories that are listed in the program 
Coram has the right to change these categories annually 
the prize money is 11,500 Euros; honourable mentions can also be awarded 
Coram has the right to alter the amount and the frequency of the prize 
the prize money will be given out in full; the jury is entitled to divide the prize money, depending on their view on the work of the nominees; however, there will not be more than three prizes 
the jury has the right not to award the prize in the event of poor quality entries; in such a case the jury will set the prize amount apart for a design related destination of her choice 
Coram will ensure ample public availability of the regulations and prize program 

anybody may participate 
Coram will fix a final entry date, which will not be earlier than 6 months after the public announcement of the competition 
the competition is open to both individuals and groups of designers; each individual should send an entry form 
persons not allowed to enter are :
- members (and their relatives) of the jury and they who have any kind of working relationship with this committee
- employees (and their relatives) of Coram and associated companies 
Coram sets a closing entry date and publishes this date in the program 
until the choice by the jury of the winner all entrants will remain anonymous to the jury 
entrants who disclose their identity to the jury will be excluded from further participation

an entry exclusively consists of 
- at least two drawings, computer prints or photo's of models (models to be used as a way of checking and experimenting) on a stiff cardboard (foam, plastic sheet) panel, size A2 (594 x 420 mm, no other sizes are permitted) 
- on the boards, the pictures must - together with an explanatory text (a clear description in English of the idea, function and advantages of the design) - give a clear and understandable impression of the design 
- no more than 2 A2 panels can be submitted per design 
- at least one drawing, print or photograph should show a perspective view of only the design (alone, without people or elements which are not part of the design) 
- at least one slide, showing the design in perspective or one jpg-file A4 (297 x 210 mm), 300 dpi, PV format 
- a sealed envelope containing the registration form with the entrant's name, address etc. 
entry elements do not bear in any way the entrant's name and/or address; however each project should have a name or title 
by entering the entrant states that the design is his or her own work, that it is new and has never been published before 
Coram will decide on a final reception date and will publish this in the program 
entries that do not meet the above requirements will not be accepted; the rules regarding returning of entries apply; the entrant will be notified why his or her entry has not been accepted 
by entering the entrant states that he or she agrees to these rules and regulations 

Returning of Entries
entries will not be sent back if no return postage has been included in the entry package; in case return postage was included the entry materials will be returned by franco post no later than two months after the publication of the jury's decision; entries for which no return postage has been provided will be destroyed after that date 

First Selection
based on the quantity of entries Coram can decide to appoint a selection committee to make a first selection 
the selection committee consists of an uneven number of people, a minimum of three and a maximum of five 
the jury will be represented in the selection committee with at least one member 
the selection committee will put their choice in writing for the jury; this is done by communicating the numbers of the designs selected 

Selection by the jury
the jury will be appointed by Coram and consists of a minimum of five members 
the jury will choose the winner and/or honourable mentions from the projects presented 
in the jury no nationality will have a majority 
the jury will preferably contain representatives from the following groups: designers/design organisations; consumer organisations, retail organisations, the majority consists of practising designers 
by accepting their appointment the jury state not to have any own interest in the awarding of the prize 
the chair person of the jury will be appointed by Coram 
after their decision the jury sends their motivated selection to Coram, who in their turn inform the jury of the names of the designers; the selection paper will clearly show the qualities of the winning design and the honourable mentions 
the jury's decision is final and cannot be contested and/or changed 
The Prize
the prize money is a gross amount; taxes or other obligations of the winner regarding the prize have not been taken into consideration; the prize money will be paid into the winner's bank account within a maximum of two months after the announcement of the winner 
if the design is to be produced the winner has the right to any fees that would normally be received for developing the design further for production 
the winner and entrants with designs in the last selection of the jury have the right, in any publication, to mention that they are 'Winner of ....' or were 'Nominated for the Coram Design 

Award' respectively 
the winner has the right to have the prize's logo on any packaging that may be produced for the winning design, this right also exists if a company other than a Coram company decides to market the design 

every design will remain the property of the designer 
it is the entrant's own responsibility to register design rights prior to entry 
until the publication of the award's results, Coram has a selection right to the designs; in case Coram decides to start up a project the designer will receive normal fees necessary to realise the design 
none of the participants can claim any rights on the production of their entry by Coram 
during the period in time that the selection committee or Coram have the designs in their possession designers are not allowed to grant third parties any rights on those designs 
Coram will register Benelux design rights for designs of her choice and transfer these rights to the designer for free; this is to ensure that publication of the design would not inhibit its legal novelty 
after the jury announces the winner Coram has the right to publish or exhibit the designs without having to pay the entrant for this and without having to receive permission from the entrant; entrants however who have not been awarded a prize or honourable mention can request that their designs are not exhibited 

Presenting, Publishing and Exhibiting
Coram has the right to choose the way of presenting of the award; the program will indicate how, when and where; the decision of the jury will be announced at the presentation ceremony 
Coram will publish the results in the appropriate media 
Coram has the right to exhibit entries and provide the jury rapport in an appropriate venue and period of time; details will be published in the program 
entrants will have free admission at such exhibitions 

The jury has the following members:
Mr. Massimo Bortott, Manager at Alessi, the famous design factory in Italy 
Mrs. Simonetta Carbonaro, ergonomist, Domus Academy, Milano 
Mrs. Mai Felip, member of the ICSID senate 
Mr. Jan Jacobs, Professor of Industrial Design, University of Delft 
Mr. Jan Lucassen, former President of the Board of the Design Academy 
Mr. Jos Oberdorf, Partner of n|p|k Design Consultants 


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