Presented by the Industrial Designers Society of America
Sponsored by BusinessWeek Magazine

The Goal

The Industrial Design Excellence Awards are dedicated to fostering business and public understanding of the importance of industrial design excellence to the quality of life and the economy. 

Winning the IDEA is a distinction like no other that brands your design as the very best in the business, among your peers, among your clients, among consumers around the world. 

Publicity & Exposure 

As the sponsor, BusinessWeek magazine annually features the winners in a June editorial report, which is distributed worldwide. All the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners are listed either in the magazine or on its Web site, www.businessweek.com, as well at IDSA's site, www.idsa.org. Hundreds of newspapers and networks, including CNN, NBC, PBS, CNBC, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and design press, pick up the IDEA story each year.

The winners will be showcased in IDSA's annual Yearbook of Industrial Design Excellence, which publishes case studies written by the Gold winners themselves. The Yearbook is distributed internationally to business executives, business schools, federal officials and designers.


We welcome you to replicate the IDEA logo on your packaging, advertising and merchandising materials. Follow the example set by Thomson Multimedia Inc., Fiskars, OXO Good Grips, IBM, Canon, Ford, Samsung and a legion of design firms, all of which have used the mark to promote their award-winning designs.

The IDEA winners will be honored during ceremonies July 23 at the IDSA 2002 National Design Conference in Monterey, CA. 

The Categories

(Entries need to fit into one of the following 49 subcategories.)

Business & Industrial Products 
Commercial Equipment 
Communication Equipment
Heavy Machinery & Industrial Equipment
Professional Tools 
Computer Equipment
Computer Input Devices
Computer Peripherals
Other Computer Devices 
Consumer Products
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Tools
Juvenile Products
Sporting & Fitness Products
Toys & Games 
Design Explorations
Business & Industrial Concepts*
Concept Furniture*
Concept Vehicles*
Consumer Product Concepts*
Digital Media Concepts*
Medical & Scientific Concepts*
Design Strategy & Management
Digital Media & Interfaces
Graphical User Interfaces
Software, Web & Multimedia Design
Student Designs 
Undergraduate Designs
Graduate Designs 
Corporate & Public Interiors & Spaces
Environmental Graphics & Signage Systems
Museum Exhibits & Set Designs
Showrooms & Retail Merchandising
Trade Show Exhibits
Contract Furniture
Residential Furniture 
Medical & Scientific Products
Clinical & Diagnostic Products
Home-Care & Self-Care Products
Scientific Instruments Products
Surgical & Therapeutic Products
Packaging & Graphics
Packaging Graphics
Packaging Structures 
Recreational Vehicles
Transportation Interiors
Trucks & Commercial Transportation 

**Research entries have a different entry form.
* Designs that are currently scheduled for production shall not be entered in a "Concept" category.

The Criteria of Excellence

The IDEA02 jury will apply the following five criteria of excellence in selecting award winners:
Design innovation;
Benefits to the user, including performance, comfort, safety, ease of use and universal function and access;
Benefits to the client, including increased sales and market penetration and reduced time to market or to manufacture;
Ecologically responsible use of materials and processes throughout life cycle, including source and waste reduction, energy efficiency and repair/reuse/recyclability;
Apropriate aesthetics. 

It's as Easy as 1-2-3

That's rightĄ­taking the first step toward winning an IDEA is just that simple. There's no secret club or mysterious formula-all you have to do is follow these three easy stepsĄ­and you could be on your way to prestige and recognition as an IDEA 2002 winner.

Figure out what to enter

Believe it or not, this step can be the hardest one, and not just because you have done such fantastic work. You would be amazed how many people are disqualified on eligibility.

Who: Any US citizen or permanent resident can enter IDEA. Non-residents may enter if the entry has been distributed or meant for distribution in North America. Students must attend a US college or university. The one exception: designers employed by offices-and students attending schools-represented on the jury may not enter this year.

What: Designs for practically any commercial product may be entered. The 49 subcategories run the gamut from little desk doodads to giant mechanical equipment. The special Design Explorations category even makes it possible to enter work that will never be produced. 

Where: Work may be intended for any market, unless the chief designer is not a resident/citizen of the US. Non-residents may submit only designs created for North American distribution

Eligibility Rules*

1. All entries must have been placed into distribution between February 14, 2000, and February 11, 2002.

"Placed into distribution" means that designs have been manufactured in final form and are available for purchase through the usual channels, such as stores, catalogs and direct sales contact. Design Exploration and Student entries must have been submitted to school or client for evaluation in the eligibility time frame and Environment entries must have been opened to the public in that timeframe. Any entries in production categories that are found not to be in distribution, per these rules, will be disqualified. Awards will be withdrawn for any entry later found not to be in distribution per these rules and/or not in the design form submitted.

2. Designs from around the world are eligible that fit one or these descriptions:

Any design whose primary design responsibility lay with a US citizen(s) or permanent resident(s) are eligible, regardless of where the design is manufactured or distributed; and 
Any design by a non-resident designer or manufacturer/client in the world is eligible, so long as it has been placed into distribution in North America in the stated timeframe. 
* Student work must have been done while attending a school in North America.
* Design Exploration entries should have been conceived to include the North American market if not designed by a US citizen or permanent resident.
* Concept entries shall not be currently scheduled for production.

Submission Fee and Deadline
IDSA must receive your entry no later than 5:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) on Monday, February 11, 2002.

IDSA/ICSID Member: $160 per kit
Non-member: $200 per kit
IDSA Student Chapter member: $30 per kit
Non-member student: $55 per kit 

Late Submission & Fee: Submissions may arrive at IDSA as late as 5pm Monday, February 18, 2002, but they must be accompanied by payment of a $100 (US) late fee. Submissions that arrive after Feb. 18 will not be judged, returned or refunded. 

The promotional brochure for IDEA02 will be mailed in November. For membership information, email to idsa@idsa.org with your name, full address, phone and fax number.

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