International design competition,2002

Focus on eyewear:
Eyewear must speak for itself and tell the story of its creation: young designers, tell us your story about frames…

The Lunetiers du Jura offer an international showcase for young designers.

1. Competition objectives
- To provide a springboard for the most creative, to motivate creation within the French eyewear industry.
- To give students an opportunity to express their creativity and thoughts
- To assess the qualitative and creative initiative of young professionals.

2. Jury:
President: Marc Sadler - Designer - France/Italy
-- Céline Savoy - Commissioner - Biennale Internationale du Design de St-Etienne - France
-- Monique Vervaeke - Sociologist - CNRS - France
-- Regina Rossi - Mazzucchelli S.p.A - Colour creation manager - Italy
-- Patrick Ple-Boishardy - Managing Director - Estée Lauder France
-- Jean-Marie Massaud - Designer - Francee
-- Gabriele Pezzini - Designer - Pezzini Global Design - Italy
-- Peter Koppel - Director - Danish Design Centre - Denmark
-- Philippe Taillandier - Optician - Optique Taillandier - France
-- Philip Richardson - Distributor - Pro-Optic - Great Britain

3. Conditions of entry
Two categories of entrant:
- Design students in their 2nd year, minimum, of higher education
- Young professional designers (from outside the eyewear industry) under 35 years of age.

4. Selection procedures
1st selection procedure: In March 2002, the jury will select approximately 30 preliminary design projects per category. For each of these, the candidate must then compile detailed technical specifications which will be examined by the jury in May 2002.

2nd selection procedure: On the basis of these new submissions, the jury will select a maximum of between 5 and 10 design projects per category (students and young professionals). A prototype can be made for each of these projects by virtue of a partnership between an eyewear company and the student and on the basis of the specifications supplied by the latter. The candidate shall be free to choose whether or not to work with one of the Lunetiers du Jura partner companies. Should the student so wish, the organisers will take it upon themselves to direct him/her to the structure most suited to his/her design project. A signed agreement between this company, the candidate and the Lunetiers du Jura will stipulate the terms of the partnership and procedures for partial coverage of transport and accommodation costs.

Last selection procedure: In October 2002, the jury will examine the prototypes and draw up its prize list.

5. Selection criteria
Design projects submitted by students and professionals will be short-listed separately. In the design project the jury will assess creative and personal reflection and presentation of an innovative design concept. Selection will also be on the basis of aesthetics and image, the environment produced and the quality of the presentation (graphics and editorial) 1st selection procedure:
- Consistency of the design project submitted with the chosen target upstream of your initiative
- Creativity – innovation – functionality
- The design project must be synthetic and well-argued 2nd selection procedure:
- Feasibility of the design project from the specifications supplied by the candidate.
- Consistency of the design project in comparison with the project submitted during the 1st selection procedure.
- The design project must show all the technical aspects required for the construction of the prototype.
Last selection procedure:
- Consistency with the design project and specifications submitted

6. Prizes
For the first five prizes in each category:
First price: Euro 3,000
Second prize: Euro 2,300
Third prize: Euro 1,500
Fourth prize: Euro 750
Fifth prize: Euro 750

7. Timetable
-Registrations: by 31 January 2002
-Submission of design projects: by 20 March 2002
1st selection procedure: 29 March 2002 (approximately 30 design projects for each category)
-Submission of specifications by those short-listed: by 27 May 2002
2nd selection procedure: 30 May 2002 (approximately 10 design projects for each category)
-Design day: 31 May 2002
Completion of prototypes, if necessary, in a partner company: July to September 2002
Last selection procedure and awards ceremony in October 2002 at SILMO.

8. Submission of design projects
For the 1st selection procedure:
Designs must be sent in by 20 March 2002. They must tell the jury, in a very vivid way, about the people for whom the product is intended, the creation of the design, its conception and the world in which it was developed.
The entrant must supply:
- A general overview: showing the product’s potential customer-base
- A presentation for the design project summarising the participant’s approach.
- A product presentation: A3 visual ( with front view on a face and ¾ side view without a face),
- A product environment package: point-of-sale advertising, packaging etc.
For the 2nd selection procedure:
Detailed technical specifications, in line with the design project submitted during the 1st selection procedure, must be supplied so that the project can be completed before 27 May 2002.

9. Registration and more information
You can register on-line at the Lunetiers du Jura site:
Or send us your entry form by post to the following address:
Lunetiers du Jura - B.P.45 - 39402 Morez Cedex - France
Fax : +33 (0)3 84 33 14 04


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