International Design Competition for a Waterfront of Trieste

Trieste Town Council gives public notice of a restricted procedure international design competition for the redevelopment of the seafront of Trieste and the urban area stretching from Piazza della Libertą to the Lanterna area.

The design is to address and resolve a clear road problem, enabling vehicles coming from Piazza della Libertą smoothly to reach Riva Ottaviano Augusto and the Lanterna area, while at the same time ensuring suitable pedestrian access to the seafront and preserving the architectural quality of the general context under consideration. The design should also confer dignity to the area and restore the seafront in order to provide: a promenade, sites for cultural events, a link between the public and private activities performed in the historic buildings present in the area and in the immediate neighbourhood. The restoration of the urban environment should also pay particular attention to the area covering Piazza Venezia, the ex-fish market ( in the process of being converted into a multifunctional exhibition centre ), the ex-wine warehouse and the Bruno Bianchi municipal swimming pool.

The area involved in the competition concerns a mixed urban environment facing onto the sea and stretching for about 2,100 metres, involving a complex area, featuring buildings and land used for various purpose. The redevelopment is to provide for: accessibility of the seafront, simultaneous use of both vehicles and pedestrians, possibly requiring thoroughfares at different heights, and specific developments concerning several buildings and urban spaces to be used for various purposes. 

Official website: http://www.retecivica.trieste.it/concorsorive 


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