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In the future, our home, more than ever, will be a great space open to continuous changes featuring great versatility. It will be able to meet every need: it will give us the intimacy that we need to contrast the daily stress, it will supply us with the professionalism of our office when we wish to combine work with our private life, it will guarantee us a perfect social life, gathering the family and friends... and all this expressing our personal taste!

1° prize Euro 2.000 + a training week at effezeta fully paid (transport and lodging)
2° prize Euro 1.500
3° prize Euro 1.000

deadline: 31st January 2002


effezeta s.r.l. with its headquarters in via Manzano 70/1, Premariacco (UD) Italy, publicly announces the 2001 edition of the international design competition entitled: "SITTING IN TOMORROW'S HOME" A home in which the classic division into separate areas is disappearing. A home where seatings no longer have a single function, but can be used at different times of the day in the most varied ways.

The design competition is intended to gather the most innovative ideas as regards forms, functions and concepts for using the furnishing elements: chair and table or chair and accessory. The design must be a combination of two elements in traditional materials (such as steel, wood, plastic, glass, fabric or leather). Innovative materials, which have been experimented in other industrial contexts can also be proposed.

The competition is open to those belonging to the following groups, below the age of 35, namely: designers, architects and engineers, holders of a degree, diploma and students of university faculties and departments, institutes and design schools, both public and private. The competition is open to individuals and groups. It is compulsory for each group to appoint and indicate one of its members as its representative, provided that the member meets the participation requirements outlined in the announcement of competition. Competitors can participate with one or maximum five proposals, provided they are submitted separately.

The following cannot participate in the competition:
- members of the jury
- spouses, relatives of the members of the jury or associated relatives up to the third degree 
- employees, employers and those who have collaboration relations, whether they are constant or not, with the competition promoting company and the members of the jury
- those who, although not falling within the above cases, have directly participated in drawing up the competition.

Subscription shall take place at the same time as submission of the documentation required as outlined in Articles 8 and 9 of this announcement; said documentation, enclosed in a sealed envelope indicating the competition title, must be sent to the competition secretary's office by mid-day (12:00 a.m.) on 31st January 2002 at the following address: effezeta s.r.l. via Manzano 70/1, 33040 Premariacco (UD) Italy. The envelope must be sent by post or express courier and the date of the postmark shall be considered valid. In any case, the documentation must be received within 7 days from the competition closing date. All drawings received beyond this term shall be excluded. The competition promoting company shall not be held responsible for any post going astray or delivery delays.

The projects must be unedited and developed expressly for this competition. Any patents on winning projects shall be taken care of and shall be at the expense of the competition promoting company. Should any legal controversies arise regarding the originality of the projects, these shall be submitted to the judgement of the Giurì del design.

The jury shall consist of 6 people with the right to vote. All jury's members are expert in this field. They are professionally involved in the research and development of interior design, commercial business relationship and journalism in specialized magazines. The jury's decision shall be irrevocable. The jury shall have the faculty to share out the awards. The jury's work must end within 30 days of the competition closing date and the winners shall be informed of the results by means of registered letter, the press and the associated awards event. The jury shall issue a conclusive report outlining the reasons and evaluation criteria.

In order to guarantee the possibility of exposition and subsequent publication, the material must conform to the following indications: for each project, two standard plates (50x70 cm horizontal) at the most must be submitted in two copies, one of which must be mounted on a rigid support. The plates must contain at least one drawing or rendering showing the product, technical drawings processed to a suitable scale in order to understand the object represented and a short report describing the characteristics and materials used, in Italian or English. For projects drawn up with the use of a computer, the graphics must nevertheless be printed on paper in the format indicated above; to complete the material, the files used are required, provided that they are in dxf - dwg for 2D/3D drawings, jpg - tif for images. The motto or alphanumeric series chosen by the participant(s) (see Art.9) must be shown on all plates (bottom right-hand corner).

All drawings submitted by the participants must not be signed, otherwise they shall be excluded, but they must be marked with a motto or an alphanumeric code. The general details of the participants and documents requested must be inserted in a non-transparent sealed envelope attached to the drawings on which the title of the competition, the motto or alphanumeric code shall be written in the right-hand corner. The following documents must be attached to the envelope: complete general details of the participant(s), appointment of the group leader (if any) signed by all participants (including the group leader), acceptance for the handling of personal data, available on request.

1st place: Euro 2.000 + a training week at effezeta fully paid (transport and lodging)
2nd place: Euro 1,500 
3rd place: Euro 1.000
Should the jury not individualise any project for the first prize, the same shall have the right, at its unquestionable judgement, to divide the prize money and share it among those projects that are acknowledged.

After the jury's reply, the promoting company reserves the right to manufacture the projects that came in the first 3 places and eventually other projects that have been selected so as to put them into industrial production and to present the same with the purpose of selling them on trade shows that will be held worldwide during the course of 2002; subject to an agreement with the designers by means of a royalty contract, available on request. To permit said faculty, the participants undertake not to submit the utilisation rights of their projects to third parties prior to 31st December 2002.

The members of the jury and those involved in drawing up the competition are prohibited from giving any information to participants. Any clarifications must be requested directly from the competition secretary's office or through the Internet at the following numbers and addresses:
tel. 0039 / 0432 706503 from 10 to 12 a.m.
fax 0039 / 0432 706530 to the attention of Mrs. Banello 
site www.effezeta.it/concorso.html e-mail mbanello@effezeta.it

No subscription fee shall be required, however, the formats and representative scales as outlined in Art.8 must be complied with, and the anonymity of the works must be strictly observed, otherwise the work shall be excluded. Moreover, the statement relating to privacy must be filled in. All participants authorise effezeta to exhibit their projects. Moreover, all participants authorise effezeta to publish their projects in catalogues and/or in the press. For this, no compensation shall be due to the participants apart from the obligation of their name being mentioned as the artist. However, the participant shall have the right (except for the winners and those selected) to request non disclosure and return of the material submitted within 30 days of advice of the competition results.

All projects, which have not been awarded a prize or selected may be collected from the competition secretary's office, subject to prior advice, within the terms outlined in Art.13. Once this period has expired, the company is implicitly authorised not to preserve the material still in its possession. The material of the winning projects and of those selected shall be withheld by effezeta for the purposes as outlined in Art.11.

It is understood that with the participation in the competition, both for individuals and groups, the participants accept and comply with the above-mentioned regulations, including this Art.15.

effezeta s.r.l. 
via Manzano 70/1, 33040 Premariacco (UD) Italy
tel. 0039 / 0432 706503, from 10 to 12 a.m.
fax 0039 / 0432 706530, to the attention of Mrs. Banello
e-mail mbanello@effezeta.it 

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