Important trends have shaped this year's competition. The ever-expanding material culture of the 21st century means that concept matters more than ever. Today's consumers are sophisticated and informed, with a nearly endless array of choices. Design is a global language and an integral part of a borderless development and production process.

New technologies and improved communications have shortened the design cycle. Good ideas spread like wildfire, adopted and internalized quicker than ever. Dramatic improvements in manufacturing and supply chain management will soon make short-run production viable.

Today, we find a newly emergent process of design: a distributed process that re-focuses individual efforts through fresh technologies. Designers and vendors worldwide can easily work together to realize complex goals faster than ever. Technology allows this cooperative development and manufacturing to be cost-effective and realistic for many players.

The internet is an ideal medium for exposing complex ideas to a global audience. Through its interconnected web, new concepts can quickly inspire discussion, thought, and even greater innovation. Core77, as a focal point of the international design community, is in a unique position to facilitate this worldwide exchange.

Individual abilities make this competition and the exhibition possible. Integration of those abilities make it exceptional.


Judging and handling of the winning entries for this competition will highlight the global aspects of a cross-cultural design process, as we oversee an international design coalition to turn winning concepts into high resolution 3D renderings for print and screen-based presentation, web-viewable virtual 3D models, and high-end prototypes.

All entries for this competition should connect to the concept of "NEED." Participants should explore the potential of design as it relates to this concept. All participants should communicate in writing how their entry addr esses this concept. All supporting materials ( i.e. sketches, renderings, diagrams, etc. ) should visually communicate how the entry addresses this concept.

Participants should not limit their thinking to "products" in a traditional sense. This means that ideas, systems, public spaces or other objects are all valid forms of entry. However, all entries must have a 3D component.

Entries will be judged not only on how well they communicate and address an idea, but also on the strength and originality of the idea itself. Project entries should ultimately expand and contribute to our present understanding of what design and products can be.

Judges and Judging

Entries will be judged in three ways:

- The strength, originality and creative qualities of their concept
- How well the concept is communicated, in writing and images
- How thoroughly the concept is analyzed and developed

This is a conceptual product design competition; entries can NOT currently be in production.

The judges for this competition are as follows:
Anne Ellegood - Curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art
Gavin Ivester - Senior Vice President of International U.S. Footwear, Puma North America
Bruce Nussbaum - Editorial Page Editor of BusinessWeek

Entries can be postmarked from January 1, 2002 through February 28, 2002.
All entry materials must be postmarked no later than February 28, 2002.

Final Round Winners will be notified by March 27, 2002
Exhibition opening and celebration for winners and other guests will be held in New York City on May 18, 2002

Any professional designer, design firm or student designer, worldwide.
Group work is also accepted.
Employees of Core77, Inc. and their immediate family members are not eligible.
Members of the jury, and their immediate family members are not eligible.

Special Bombay Sapphire Prize is US$2000
Additional prizes to be announced at a later date
Finalists each receive a prize-pack of Core77 merchandise.
All finalists will be published and archived on the core77.com website.

This competition is open to all, and no entry fee is required. However, to help defray our costs and to contribute to the pool of prize money, an entry donation of US$50 is suggested.
Entry fee donations are payable by major credit card or check / money order payable to Core77.

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