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Type: Open, RFQ
Registration Deadline: February 14, 2002
Submission Deadline: February 14, 2002
Open to: See below
Entry Fee: None
Awards: Design commission
Jury: Unannounced

The General Services Administration (GSA) announces an opportunity for Design Excellence in public architecture for performance of Architectural-Engineering Design for a new Courthouse for the Federal District Courts in accordance with GSA quality standards and requirements.

The building is approximately 13,000 gross square meters (140,000 gross square feet) including 33 interior parking spaces, at a site located within or immediately adjacent to the Central Business District of Rockford, IL. The Estimated construction cost range is $30 million to $40 million. The facility will be designed in hard metric units. The scope of work will require at a minimum: metric construction drawings, specifications, cost estimates, value engineering services, computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) and post construction contract services (PCCS) for a Federal Courthouse that includes the construction of the new building and related systems, both site and indoor parking, site development, client program development, and socio-economic and sustainable program features. This building will also include GSA design standards for secure courthouses. This building will be an anchor development in the neighborhood and should make a distinct architectural statement that is responsive to the overall urban design and quality of life in this burgeoning mixed-use neighborhood. This is a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) of A/E Firms/Lead Designers interested in contracting for this work. The A/E firm, as used in this RFQ, is an association, joint venture, partnership or other entity that will have contractual responsibility for the project design. The Lead Designer is the individual or design studio that will have primary responsibility for the design concept and the building’s architecture. The A/E Firm must clearly define the contractual relationship with the Lead Designer and its ability to manage the design and production of construction documents. The government will not allow payment for travel, living expense, computer time or hookups for the prime or the consultants related to meeting the requirements of this RFQ. The A/E selection will be completed in three stages, as follows: In Stage I, an interested firm will submit a portfolio of accomplishments to establish the design capabilities of the A/E Firm and its Lead Designer.

All documentation will be in an 8 1/2’ x 11’ format. The Stage I submission should include the following: A) a cover letter referencing the CBD announcement and briefly describing the firm, its location, organizational makeup, and noteworthy accomplishments; B) Standard Form 254 (Architect-Engineer and Related Services Questionnaire) and Standard Form 255 (Architect-Engineer and Related Services Questionnaire for Specific Project) modified to include only the A/E’s information (Identification of consultants is not required at this stage) and C) a design portfolio which is to include the following submission requirements and evaluation criteria:

(1) Lead Designer Portfolio (35% of evaluated score): Submit a portfolio representative of the Lead Designer’s ability to provide design excellence. Submit graphics (maximum of three pages per project) and a typewritten description (maximum of two pages per project) of up to three new construction projects completed in the last ten years. The narrative shall address the design philosophy with salient features for each project and discuss how the client’s program, functional, image, mission, economic, schedule, and operational objectives were satisfied by the overall design/planning solution. Include tangible evidence where possible such as certificates, awards, peer recognition, etc., demonstrating design excellence. Where there is duplication with criteria #3, the Lead Designer will address his/her participation in the project.

(2) Philosophy and Design Intent (25%): In the Lead Designer’s words, (maximum of two typewritten pages) state the overall design philosophy and approach to the challenge of public architecture, issues, and parameters that may apply in creating a state-of-the-art Courthouse in an urban neighborhood environment.

(3) Past Performance on Design (25%): The A/E Firm will submit graphics (maximum of three pages per project) of not more than five new construction projects completed in the last ten years. The narrative (maximum of two pages per project) shall address the design approach with salient features for each project and discuss how the client’s program, functional, image, mission, economic, schedule, and operational objectives were satisfied by the overall design/planning solution. Include tangible evidence where possible such as certificates, awards, peer recognition, etc., demonstrating design excellence. Provide a client reference contact for each project, including name, title, address, phone, and fax numbers. A portion of one page presented for each project must include a representative floor plan and either a site plan or a building section.

(4) Lead Designer Profile (15%): Submit a biographical sketch (maximum of three pages) including education, professional experience, recognition for design efforts inclusive of examples. Identify and describe areas of responsibility and commitment to each project.

An A/E Evaluation Board consisting of a private sector peer, a representative of the client and professional representatives from GSA will evaluate the submissions. The Board will establish a short-list of three to six firms. For Stage II, the short-listed firms will be notified and asked to submit more detailed information indicating each member of the design team, including all outside consultants. The firms will be required to complete Standard Forms 254 and 255 that reflect the entire design team. The Government will establish the detailed evaluation criteria and the date these submittals are due and provide the selection criteria for the interviews along with the Stage I short-list announcement. Sufficient time will be provided for the A/E Design Firm/Lead Designer to establish its team.

In developing the Stage II project team, A/E firms are advised that at least 35% of the level of contract effort must be performed in the state of Illinois. The Selection Board will interview each team. Candidates should be prepared to discuss all aspects of the criteria indicated above and to demonstrate their ability to fulfill all project requirements. Emphasis will be placed on the unique aspects of the project, design philosophy, possible approaches in carrying out the project, and project management. The Stage II evaluations will culminate with an interview with the A/E Evaluation Board. Stage II rankings will be used in conjunction with Stage I rankings to determine the firms that will be invited to participate in Stage III. A minimum of three firms will be invited to participate in Stage III and will be further evaluated by an anonymous design competition judged by a jury of independent design professionals. The purpose of the competition is to further evaluate the A/E’s qualifications for this project by evaluating the design merits of each designer’s vision for this specific project.

The design competition submittals will be used in conjunction with Stage II rankings in the final evaluation of the A/E firms. The designer's vision will weigh substantially in the final A/E Team selection by GSA. The submitted designs become the property of the government and may or may not be the basis, whole or in part, for the development of the final building design. This procurement is being made under the Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program (F.A.R. 52.219-19). This procurement is open to small and large business concerns. In accordance with 15 USC 631 Et. Seq., the A-E will be required to provide the maximum practical opportunities to small, small women-owned, HUBZone small businesses and small business concerns owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals to participate as subcontractors in the performance of the contract. The use of subcontractors/consultants shown in the Stage II 255 and SF 254 will be reflected in a Subcontracting Plan which will be included in the contract. The detailed plan is to be submitted with the SF-255 in Stage II. Each individual firm will determine the minimum acceptable subcontracting target goals for this project. A small business criterion for each category is based on the contractor’s average annual receipts for the proceeding three fiscal years. Contact your local SBA office for further information.

Firms seeking consideration for this contract shall demonstrate a proactive effort to achieve the highest subcontracting goals possible for small business, woman-owned small business, HUBZone small business and small disadvantaged business concerns. Firms advancing to Stage II must also provide a brief written narrative of outreach efforts made to utilize small, disadvantaged, HUBZone and women-owned businesses. The narrative shall not exceed one written page. An acceptable subcontracting plan must be reviewed and approved by SBA prior to award of this contract. Small businesses are not subject to this requirement. For Stage I Submittals: Firms having the capabilities to perform the services described in this announcement are invited to respond by submitting five (5) complete copies of the entire submittal including the portfolios, modified SF-254 (information just for the ‘A/E Design Firm’), which must be dated not more than twelve (12) months before the date of this synopsis, a SF-255 (information just for the ‘A/E Design Firm’) and a letter of interest TO: Ms. Maria Williams, Contracting Officer, General Services Administration, 230 South Dearborn, Suite 3512, DPN: 35-6, Chicago, IL 60604, by 3:00 PM CST February 14, 2002. The following information MUST be on the outside of the sealed envelope 1) Solicitation Number/Title, 2) Due Date, 3) Closing Time. Late responses are subject to F.A.R. Provision 52.214-7. In Block 8 of the SF-254 specify only current W-2 payroll (non-contract) personnel of each firm. In block 10 of SF-255, the A/E Design Firm is to reference their portfolio submission which MUST respond to the FOUR (4) EVALUATION CRITERIA stated in the CBD announcement for this STAGE I Solicitation. In Block 11 of the SF-255, the A/E Design Firm MUST sign, name, title and date the submittal. Contract will be procured under the Brooks Act and F.A.R. 36. This is not a Request for Proposal.

For more information or to register, contact:
Sherri Turner, Contracting Officer
Phone: 312.886.7879
Fax: 312.886.4103
Email: sherri.turner@gsa.gov
Website: http://www.eps.gov

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