City of Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Type: Open
Registration Deadline: April 19, 2002
Submission Deadline: April 19, 2002
Open to: All
Entry Fee: US $10
Awards: US$2,500 each plus commission
Jury: Unannounced

The Third Street corridor leads directly to Bloomington's historic courthouse square, at the heart of a city that flourishes as the political, social, commercial and artistic center of the region. The seat of Monroe County [population 135,000], Bloomington is home to the main campus of Indiana University, with its richness of museums, libraries, theatres, musical and sporting events. Apart from government services and education, the community is supported by a diverse economic base, from traditional limestone quarrying to modern electronics and light manufacturing. The resources of the university and the vibrant local community join with the natural beauty of the region to draw new residents and visitors from every quarter.

Understanding Bloomington's reputation as a lively arts community and its magnetism as a tourist destination, the city has directed its new "Percent for the Arts" funds to create public art in areas of high visibility. Indiana's first Percent for the Arts Program, begun in Bloomington in 1993, anticipates several new projects based on one percent of the budget of a city-wide transportation improvement plan launched in 2000. The Bloomington Community Arts Commission, which supervises the Percent for the Arts Program, reviewed the preliminary plans for the enhancement of Third Street and decided to collaborate with Bloomington Transit in the creation of artist-designed bus shelters with benches along this corridor. "Percent" funds will augment the Transit budget to allow $22,000 for each of three bench and shelter units for the south (inbound) side of the street. Designs are sought that express themes of transportation and movement, local heritage, or an exciting or witty approach to form and function.

The $22,000 budget for each bench and shelter unit must cover the cost of all materials and fabrication; the creation of sealed engineering drawings, if such drawings cannot be supplied by the artist; state and local permits; transport to the site; installation and anchoring (into a pre-laid concrete slab); and incidental expenses for the artist, such as travel and lodging. This budget does not include the artist's fee of $2500, which will be awarded separately by the jury and the Arts Commission.

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