Type: Open
Organizer: Groupe-e2
Open to: all students and young professionals in architecture, urbanism and
Registration deadline: April 30th 2002.
Submission deadline: April 30th 2002.
Entry Fee: None
Awards: Prizes: First prize: 5000 Euros.
Second prize: 2000 Euros.
Honourable mention: 1000 Euros.

Groupe-e2, a collective of young architects have organised the e2-contest: -an international competition on the urban condition.

This competition will take place on the internet, on the web-site: http://www.groupe-e2.com, and is intended for all students and young professionals in architecture, urbanism and landscape. The competition deals with an exploration of the in between: it is a reflection on the urban blur, gathering zones of disruption and instability in the urban environment. Registration should be carried out on the web-site www.groupe-e2.com, before April 30th 2002. All information concerning the deadlines, the jury, the prizes, the material and the theme, are available on the web site. We would be extremely grateful if you could include this information in your magazine.


Much has been said about the industrial sites, the wastelands, the surrounding infrastructure. groupe e2 have put all that to one side and have moved on to a more abstract plane - the urban blur -Its instabilities, disruptions, strangeness, imprecisions, redefinitions, disorganisations, formlessness, indeterminacies, complexity, incoherence...

The In-Between.

Do these urban glitches bother you? Observe and interpret the signs, give form to your feelings, anticipate the responses !!!

Dominique Perrault. Architect.
Frederic Migayrou. Curator, department of Architecture and Design, Centre
National d'Art Contemporain - Centre Pompidou - Paris.
Ramon Prat. Designer and Editor of Actar Editions.
Francis Rambert. Editor of D'Architectures magazine.
Michel Desvignes. Landscape architect.
Stéphane Couturier. Photographer.
+ others ...

e2-contest is an international competition open to young architects and students in architecture, landscape and urban design all over the world. To participate, send an e-mail to apply@groupe-e2.com with all your data. You will receive a .PDF format with all the conditions, answer us and groupe e2 will give to you an ID number. Only this number must appear in your submission.

Material can be previous works but it must be shown in the format of e2-contest and respect the 4 points.

groupe e2 present a competition on these urban events to show that the architect is capable of stemming these unstable realities through architecture. Material is composed by 4 formats .jpg, 800x600 pixels at 72 dpi. Each format must stress 1 of the 4 points: CHOOSE, CARRY, CONCEIVE, CREATE. Formats to be sent by internet to e2-contest@groupe-e2.com before 20 July 2002.

The jury will choose the projects which present the best relation between the 4 points.

18 FEBRUARY 2002: e2-contest official start on the web.
30 APRIL 2002: Registration Deadline.
20 JULY 2002: Submission Deadline.
20 SEPTEMBER 2002: Online results, Exposition and Publication's launch.
If any question or any doubt about the competition: contact@groupe-e2.com


Exhibition: Winning entries to be exhibited in Paris - France
Publication: All projects will be included in a book produced by groupe e2.
Prizes: First prize: 5000 Euros.
Second prize: 2000 Euros.
Honourable mention: 1000 Euros.


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