The Design Center Stuttgart at the Baden-Wurttemberg Office for the Promotion of Trade and Industry invites entries for the Baden-Wurttemberg International Design Award - its topic this year is "Focus Way of Life".

This government award is given to manufacturers and designers for forward-looking and outstanding design work. This renowned competition can look back on a long tradition and enjoys an excellent reputation both in Germany and abroad. For some time now, its "Focus" label has been its distinctive characteristic, and its topic has been a different one each year - a special challenge for entrants and at the same time a central theme around which accompanying events can be organized.

Focus Way of Life - the topic "Way of Life" cannot be described in one concise sentence or defined with one hundred percent accuracy, for interpretations differ widely from person to person. Its many facets cannot really be reduced to one denominator. Without exception, however, what we are looking for is products that help to cultivate the lifestyle any one person prefers, and which improve the quality of routine days, high days and holidays. The competition is aimed at functional, innovative, emotional design for the home, for the workplace, for journeys and for leisure. What it is looking for is products that

...go beyond pure functionality and hold out the promise of a better quality of life, 
...are a pleasure to use, and 
...are the expression of an individual lifestyle. 

Designers and manufacturers whose products were developed with such qualities in mind are invited to participate in Focus Way of Life.

Focus Way of Life - the competition's new look The "Focus" competitions now have a new look. Up to now, only professionals have been allowed to participate in them. This year, the Focus title will also cover the Mia Seeger Foundation, which will be inviting entries for the Mia Seeger Award for young talent in tandem with "Focus Way of Life -Baden-Wurttemberg International Design Award 2002". The awards for the two competitions will be presented at a joint ceremony, and the results of the competition for up-and-coming talent will also be integrated in the yearbook and the exhibition. 

In previous years, professionals entering the Focus competition were awarded the "Baden-Wurttemberg International Design Award" for the best design work and the "Outstanding - Design Center Stuttgart" label for good design work. This has caused confusion in the past, however. From 2002 the situation will be crystal clear: one product in each category may be awarded the "Focus in Gold" (previously known as the "Baden-Wurttemberg International Design Award"). The other products selected, which will be presented in the exhibition and the yearbook, will receive the "Focus in Silver" (previously "Outstanding! - Design Center Stuttgart").

Focus Way of Life - fair and respectable The competition's non-commercial design allows small and medium-sized enterprises to participate. To guarantee the greatest objectivity, all entries are judged in the original if at all possible, and are not first filtered by a judges' panel working on the basis of photographs. The products are assessed by a panel of internationally experienced and acknowledged experts from a variety of disciplines. Very great importance is attached to the judges' neutrality, and consequently the judges' own products are excluded from competition.

Focus Way of Life - with the concerns of business at heart The awards given to products are a clear competitive advantage for manufacturers and designers, for the Focus in Gold and Focus in Silver are a guarantee of the highest product quality.

The Design Center Stuttgart paves the way for market success:
When the prizes are awarded and the exhibition is opened at the formal ceremony, all the products selected and commended become the focus of public attention, and are subsequently presented for several weeks in the exhibition in the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart. Every year, several thousands of visitors are attracted to the Focus exhibition in the Design Center Stuttgart. Attractive theme-based accompanying events also play their part in enhancing the products' popularity. All the award-winning and exhibited products are published in the yearbook. Products that have been awarded the Focus in Gold are also presented in the internet. And finally, the visitors to the exhibition decide on the popular prize by voting for their personal favourite among the products on show.

For marketing purposes, moreover, the Design Center Stuttgart has various media available:

Focus in Gold: certificate, German and English stickers, print template for the label, publication on a pick-up card

Focus in Silver: certificate, German and English stickers, print template for the label on request

Popular prize: certificate, publication on a pick-up card 

Focus Way of Life - your decision to take part The competition is open to any manufacturer or designer of industrial series-manufactured products domiciled in Germany, or with a subsidiary or branch office there. Any product may be entered which has not been on the German market for longer than two years. Prototypes whose readiness for series production is guaranteed may also be entered; one-off products may not compete, however.

Product categories:
Home (furniture, interiors...)
Textiles (carpets, curtains, fabrics...)
Kitchen, sanitary installations (kitchen and bathroom fittings, sanitary products...)
Household (household appliances, pots and pans, crockery, cutlery, electrical household items...)
Outdoor (products for the garden, travel requisites, camping...)
Sport, recreation, wellness, leisure (sports equipment and accessories, toys, sauna accessories...)
Office equipment, accessories (writing implements and accessories...)
Contract furniture (office, lobby, counter furniture...)
Lighting (lamps, luminaires...)
Architecture (architectural elements, building design...)
Transport (cars, motorcycles, other means of transport...)
Communication, information, photography, optical equipment (electronic products, media products, cameras, spectacles...)

Assessment criteria:
design quality
innovative content
use of new materials
ecological aspect
quality of use
user controls, product graphics and typography
design quality of product peripherals: instructions for use and assembly, sales packaging
quality, grace and emotional content

Judges' panel:
For the Design Center Stuttgart, it is a matter of course that the judges' assessment is independent, thereby guaranteeing a fair competition. This is why any products in whose development the judges were involved are excluded from the competition. 
This year, your products will be judged by:

Ron Arad, England
Fritz Frenkler, Germany
Prof. Birgit Mager, Germany
Wim Ouboter, Switzerland
Barbara Schmidt, Germany
Matteo Thun, Italy

1. How to enter your product for the competition:
For you to participate in the competition, we require::

One completed registration form per product 
To be sent to:
Design Center Stuttgart
Herrn Michael Kern
Postfach 10 29 63
D - 70025 Stuttgart 
Final date for application: 5 April 2002

For assessment by the judges' panel, we require: 
one original product, one pre-production model or one prototype

one copy of the registration form attached to the product

a brochure in which the product is presented in detail, or a similar form of documentation containing text and illustrations

n one or more digital photographs which can be processed by Adobe PhotoShop software. The photographs are to be furnished in two resolution qualities: 72 dpi and high-resolution. For publication in the yearbook, and possibly the internet, you will release the photographs from copyright restrictions.

Additional information, if available, such as brochures in pdf format.

To be delivered to:
Lager Design Center Stuttgart
Siemensstrasse 52 b
D - 70469 Stuttgart / Feuerbach
(access via Leitzstrasse and Junghansstrasse)
Contact person:Michael Kern, 
Telephone + 49 (0) 711 123-26 36,
Mobile (+49) (0)174 65 68 744
Fax + 49 (0) 711 817 77 46 
Delivery in the time between 
15 and 26 April 2002
Monday to Thursday, from 7.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 12 noon.

NB: Should a product be included in the exhibition, the photographs and texts will be used for the yearbook and possibly for presentation in the internet. Any illustrations and written material shall be released by the entrant from copyright restrictions for the purpose of preparation of the yearbook, for presentation in the exhibition and, possibly in the internet. The yearbook editors shall have sole discretion when selecting illustrations and composing texts. 

Between the time of submission and the end of the exhibition (if applicable), you shall provide us with all products and documentation relating to the competition free of charge.

You shall be responsible for delivery on time and for collecting the products following the exhibition or when the products are rejected by the panel of judges. This responsibility shall include: unloading and loading, unpacking and packing, assembly and dismantling, including the necessary equipment (such as mains supply cables) if the product is to be put into operation electrically. Products will only be judged if the above conditions are fulfilled. Products which have not been unpacked or assembled will not be entered for the competition.

You shall deliver the product from a German branch. If this is not possible, you will deal with all necessary customs formalities at your own cost and declare your consignment as exhibition goods for temporary use in the Federal Republic of Germany. 

Road vehicles shall be delivered by appointment.
Bulky products exceeding a weight of 100 kg and taking up more than 2m2 floor space may only be presented to the judges in the original by prior arrangement. In other cases, only documents and photographic plates should be entered. If such a product is accepted for exhibition, it shall be presented in the exhibition by means of colour/photographic plates.

2 a. Your product has been approved by the panel of judges
You will be notified in writing if your product has been approved for presentation in the exhibition. You shall place the product at our disposal free of charge for the duration of the exhibition, including the instructions for use, instructions for assembly and/or sales packaging. Transport packaging is not a subject of the competition. The Design Center Stuttgart reserves the right to include instructions, packaging and brochures in the exhibition.

2 b. Your product has been rejected by the panel of judges
Products rejected by the judges' panel shall be collected by entrants at the delivery address between 10 and 21 June 2002. You will be notified in writing of rejection, but no grounds shall be stated.

3. Liability
Participation in the competition shall be at your risk and cost. Liability for any kind of damage is excluded unless it was caused deliberately or as a result of gross negligence by the organizer. We urgently recommend that you take out transport and exhibition insurance for the products submitted - in particular for breakage, damage, fire and theft.

4. Fees
4 a. Registration
We shall charge a fee of 50 per registration. Please remit the sum to Landesoberkasse Baden-Wurttemberg, account no. 4002015800 with BW Bank Karlsruhe (bank sort code: 66020020), stating the reference number 8230042001006.
4 b. Products exhibited
If your product has been approved for exhibition, you will pay an additional contribution of 300. This covers presentation of all products in the exhibition and inclusion in the yearbook. Products receiving the Focus in Gold will also be published in the internet. This sum also includes a free copy of the yearbook, stickers for honourable mentions and awards, print templates in English and German (for Focus in Silver on request), pick-up cards (Focus in Gold), and exhibition space in prestigious rooms in the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart. The Design Center Stuttgart shall be responsible for organizing the exhibition. Stand fees will not be charged. You will receive an invoice together with notification that your product has been accepted for exhibition.

5 . Legal regulations
5 a. Copyright and publication
In registering as an entrant to this competition you agree to be bound by the competition rules. You affirm that your participation does not violate any rights of third parties, in particular any copyrights or licenses. The products submitted must not infringe third parties' copyrights. Liability on the part of the Design Center Stuttgart is excluded. In this respect you shall indemnify us, as organizers, against any claims by third parties. In participating, you will also allow us to publish the results of the judges' decisions in various media. We shall be allowed to use free of charge in our exhibitions, publications and press releases any information you provide in the form of original products, illustrations and texts. We trust that you will appreciate that we generally cannot name photographers or authors.
5 b. Participants/entrants' liability
Participants and entrants shall be fully liable for the correctness of the product descriptions, in particular with respect to naming manufacturers and designers, and to market launch. Participants shall also be liable for any legal and financial consequences arising from false and/or incomplete information.

All dates at a glance:

Final date for submitting entries 5 April 2002 
Delivery of products 15 to 26 April 2002 
Judging mid-May 2002 
Notification of the judges' decision end of May 2002 
Collection of rejected products 10 to 19 June 2002 
Award ceremony and exhibition opening 9 October 2002 
Duration of exhibition 10 October to 8 December 2002 
Final day of exhibition and award of popular prize 8 December 2002 
Collection of exhibited products 9 to13 December 2002 


Registration per product: 50.00
If approved for exhibition, per product exhibited: 300.00

Addresses and contact:

Design Center Stuttgart
Willi-Bleicher-Strasse 19
D-70174 Stuttgart

Information relating to the competition:
Tel + 49 (0) 711 123-26 84, Hildegard Hild
Tel + 49 (0) 711 123-25 70, Sabine Lenk
Fax + 49 (0) 711 123-25 77

Delivery address for products:
Lager Design Center Stuttgart
Siemensstrasse 52 b
D - 70469 Stuttgart / Feuerbach
(access via Leitzstrasse and Junghansstrasse)
Fax + 49 (0) 711 817 77 46 

Information relating to the delivery of products and organization:
Michael Kern
Telefon + 49 (0) 711 123-26 36, 
Mobile (+49) (0) 174 65 68 744


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