Type: Open
Registration Deadline: July 30, 2002
Submission Deadline: August 10, 2002
Open to: All
Entry Fee: CDN $50
Awards: CDN $3000
Jury: Brad Cloepfil and Barbara Steinman

To create an innovative street presence for visual art during Artcity and other special events in Calgary, the annual juried Peep Show competition will commission the design and construction (pending funding) of one exhibition pavilion each year. The pavilions will be designed to show one or more works of art. In the near future, viewers will find free exhibitions in temporary Artcity pavilions throughout downtown. 

The pavilions will:
-Connect artists with new audiences in informal public settings
-Animate Calgary's downtown by creating ingenious new uses for underused public spaces
-Delight pedestrians through serendipitous encounters with visual art
-Create an opportunity for designers and artists to work together
-Artcity will begin to present exhibitions in the Peep Show pavilions in the fall of 2002.

Key concepts
Pavilions must respond to an element of Calgary's downtown streetscape. Some examples: a curb, light standard, alley, roof, public staircase, sidewalk, bus shelter, store window, plus15 walkway. Photos will be provided for out of town entrants, and you may request specific photos up to one week before the deadline. Sites may be specific or generic. 

Pavilions must be designed to present visual art in a way that is beneficial both for the art and the viewer. Art may be viewed either from inside or outside the pavilion. Pavilions may be designed for a particular art-form (i.e. video art, sculpture, performance art, painting etc.) or to exhibit a variety of art-forms. Please describe or illustrate how art will be exhibited in your pavilion. 

Artist Input: 
Special consideration will be given to teams that consult with or include as a team member at least one artist to advise how work could best be exhibited in the pavilion. 

Requirements for entry: 
This competition is open to either solo or team entries from artists, architects and designers. Please use the Judging Criteria (below) as entry guidelines. 

Please provide on CD (2 copies) the following PDF, JPEG, TIFF or EPS files:
-conceptual drawings
-general assembly and disassembly drawings and instructions list of materials 
-computer rendering or other illustration of a 3D model 
-a cost breakdown showing that the pavilion can be constructed for $10,000 CDN or less 
-information regarding how the art will be displayed. 

Feel free to use whatever means will most fully explain the concept, materials and assembly. For purposes of the exhibition, please suggest the size you would like each image to be printed, and a diagram illustrating how you'd like your images ordered or arranged. Combined size of all images may not exceed a total of 6 square feet or 1350 sq cm. Please ensure you have prepared your files for colour printing at 300 dpi. 

Answers to all questions will be distributed to anyone who expresses an interest in entering the competition (by email to the address below).

The Exhibition:
All Peep Show entries will be featured in a special exhibition and catalogue during Artcity 2002. Please note that your name or company name can be displayed on your entry. From the CDs you provide, Peep Show producers will print your images for the exhibition, which will be mounted on glass in a +15 bridge (pedestrian walkways 15 feet above the street connecting downtown buildings), where thousands of pedestrians circulate on a daily basis.

For more information or to register, contact:
Meg Van Rosendaal
Peep Show Co-Producer
Artcity 2002
PO Box 2294, Stn M
Calgary, AB T2P 2M6
Phone: 403-243-2371
Email: mvr@shaw.ca
Website: http://www.art-city.ca/CALL_FOR_ENTRY.HTML#3


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