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The no-profit organization ANIMA (Soul) – created upon the initiative of the Rome Union of Industrialists in order to develop initiatives designed to promoting and spreading social responsibility and sustainable development, in the framework of the activities for a public awareness-campaign on social issues – is organizing a European competition of ideas on-line.

This competition of ideas aims at designing an information point and hospitality centre for homeless people – not necessarily linked to a specific place, but rather as a pattern which can be proposed in different urban contexts. 
The structure designed shall be included in a module having a maximum size of 4,00 x 4,00 metres and no pre-defined height.

The competition is designed to providing a treasure trove of different ideas and visions on the issues of social and ethical solidarity towards the most disadvantaged classes - hence it intends to collect different projects of the new generation of designers who work in Europe with a view to providing a tangible contribution to civil coexistence and the improvement of the urban communities’ life quality.

The six most innovative projects will be selected from the wide range of projects submitted by the various participants – that is to say the projects, which can interpret the spirit of this initiative at the best.

Requirements, terms and conditions to participate in the European competition of ideas 
Through their projects, the participants are invited to express their commitment in interpreting the urban “uneasiness”, particularly in the ability to provide useful tools to alleviate and reduce the difficulties experienced by the “homeless”. 
Participation is free and open to the Architects of the European Union and projects by individuals or groups will be admitted.
The registration will take place automatically when the materials are delivered.
In order to participate in the competition what follows shall be sent by e-mail to the address www.unioneindustriali.roma.it by June 10, 2002:
- two 800x600 pixel digital pictures at 72 dpi (the scale of which can be reduced without losing the possibility of viewing them in JPG or GIF format); 
- the table, which can be designed and carried out with any technique and means and can include animation elements; 
- brief biographical notes, including the mail and e-mail addresses of the designer or group of designers, specifically sent together with the two tables in a .doc format file.

Committee in charge of selection
Giancarlo Elia Valori, Nicoletta Fiorucci, Annamaria Malato, Maria Teresa Rosito, Paolo Ettorre, Carlo Santini, Antonio Guidi, Simona Marchini, Beppe Cerasa, presided over by Massimiliano Fuksas.

For the six selected projects the carrying out of a 1:20 scale maquette will be requested and a prize will be awarded to them amounting to 1,000.00 euros.
The winning project will be selected among these six ones. 

May 20, 2002 opening of the competition on-line 
June 10, 2002 end of registration and delivery of projects 
June 11/15, 2002 works by the Committee in charge of selection
June 16, 2002 publication of the selected projects
June 23, 2002 delivery of maquettes
June 25, 2002 exhibition of maquettes

Exhibition of projects 
All the participating projects will be exhibited on-line on the competition web site to provide a wide range of solutions and proposals.
Afterwards the six selected projects will be exhibited in the Protomoteca small room of the Rome Municipality on June 25, 2002.

Coordination Office c/o ANIMA
Arch. Flavia de’ Rossi
Tel. 335-6753399
Off. 0743-275400
E-mail arch.amb@libero.it


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