Programme and Conditions of the Free Competition with the International Participation for the “Architectural and Townplanning Solution of the Administrative Buildings Complex for the Moscow Government and the Moscow City Duma in the “Moscow-City” MIBC”

I. Introduction: 
The “Moscow–City” Moscow International Business Centre (further MIBC) is the largest town-planning project, which affects substantially the interests of the city as a whole, provides for the creation of a modern business infrastructure in Moscow necessary for thousands of Russian and foreign firms and companies, for the creation of conditions for work, life and leisure, which would correspond to the accepted world standards and the new stage of the economic development in Russia.
The territory intended for the construction of the MIBC is situated in the downtown. The MIBC will occupy an important place in the system of existing and projected ensembles developed along the Moskva-River, and forming one of the main axes of the public centre.
The basic idea of the project is the creation of a single administrative, business and financial centre of international scale in the district of Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment on the territory of 110 hectares. 60 hectares of the Centre are located directly in Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment. The MIBC will contain 2.5 million sq. metres of administrative, office, hotel, exhibition, shopping, cultural and entertainment and recreational areas equipped with the newest systems of telecommunications, power supply and providing security, developed transport network.
The concept of developing the “Moscow–City” MIBC, provides:
- active use of the territory, its underground and above-ground spaces;
- construction of buildings from 26 up to 80 and more floors with various functional zoning;
- introduction of terrace roofs and covering of driveways, covered light transparent arcades, atria, galleries, in keeping with the international standards;
- development of the transport and engineering infrastructure.
At the present time significant work on realization of the project of the constructing the “Moscow–City” MIBC has been already begun. The “Bagration” shopping and pedestrian bridge with the total area of 15 thousand square metres and the 34-storey “Tower – 2000” have been put into service. The construction of a part of the third transport ring has been realized, the first stage of the construction of the Mini-metro is being carried out, it will connect the “Moscow–City” MIBC with the underground line from the “Kiyevskaya” station up to the “Aleksandrovsky Garden” station. The complex of the “Central Core” is under construction. On the analyzed part of the territory o the “Moscow–City” MIBC from the area of 450 thousand square metres 320 thousand square metres have been already constructed.
The “Central Core” of the “Moscow–City” MIBC is the central zone of the MIBC, around which main sites of the “Moscow–City” MIBC are grouped, on them high-rise buildings are situated. The “Central Core” occupies sites 8, 7, 6 A and 6 ? with the area of 5.1 hectares. Round the Central Core a circular detour is projected on reference marks 121.00 and 129.70. Reference mark 121.00 is accepted for the zero mark in the Central Core of the “Moscow–City” MIBC. It is an above-ground mark, on which the exits from the underground levels are provided for the evacuation in case of fire. Besides that at this level there are main roads leading to parking places, approaches of freight traffic, and unloading is realized. On mark 124.60 it is projected to place the underground public space with pedestrian galleries under the upper level of the circular overpass, the galleries connect all similar spaces of the neighbouring sites.
Sites 2-3 are a constituent of the “Moscow–City” MIBC, on their territory a Commplex of Administrative Buildings is being planned. For the development of sites 2-3 of the “Moscow–City” MIBC initial data for the technical assignment for working out the architectural concept for a complex of administrative buildings of the Moscow Government and the Moscow City Duma has been prepared. At the present time on sites 2-3 of the “Moscow–City” MIBC earthworks – excavation of pits, construction of ”the wall in the ground” – are being carried out for the construction of this complex.
The site for the construction of the Complex of administrative buildings is located along Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment at the distance of 75 km from the Moskva-River, in close vicinity to the “Bagration” shopping pedestrian bridge, and occupies a territory of 2.55 hectares. To the east from it the “Expocentre” is located. Near the western boundary of sites 2-3 of the “Moscow–City” MIBC an aquapark is under construction. In the north sites 2-3 adjoin the “Central Core” of the “Moscow–City” MIBC where the Congress-centre is situated (site 6).

2. General provisions.
2.1. The free competition with the international participation for the “Architectural and Townplanning Solution of the Administrative Buildings Complex for the Moscow Government and the Moscow City Duma” of developing sites 2-3 in the “Moscow–City” MIBC is carried out on the basis of a Decree of the Moscow Mayor (see website).
2.2. The programme and the conditions of the competition are worked out according to the Rules of Arranging Architectural Competitions in Moscow approved by the decision of the Moscow Government (see website), taking into account also the “Rules of Arranging Architectural Competitions in the Countries of the European Community".
2.3. Organizers of the competition are the Moskomarkhitektura, (International Academy of Architecture (Moscow Department), (Union of Moscow Architects), “Moscow Developer Company” Open Joint-Stock Company. The Investor of the construction of the Administrative Buildings Complex is the “Capital City Developments Ltd” Closed Joint-Stock Company.
2.4. The purpose of the competition is to find out the best proposals for architectural and planning, three-dimensional and spatial and functional solution of building up sites 2-3 of the “Moscow–City” MIBC for the creation of a complex of administrative buildings for the Moscow Government and the Moscow City Duma.

3. The Programme of the Free Competition.
3.1. Working out at the stage of the sketch the idea of the most expressive architectural and spatial solutions for the development of sites 2-3 of the “Moscow–City” MIBC on the basis of the technical project for the working out of the architectural concept of the administrative buildings complex for the Moscow Government and the Moscow City Duma.
3.2. The planning solutions should be executed in coordination with the approved project of the “Moscow–City” MIBC and contain proposals for the rational structural organization depending on landscape, climatic, ecological conditions of its siting, development, silhouette and colour, organization of systems of the engineering, transport, social and everyday life infrastructure of the site.

4. Conditions of the competition.
4.1. The proposal to take part in the competition is addressed to all wishing by means of an announcement in mass media and dispatching information sheets.
4.2. The professionals who have the license for design activities can take part in the competition. The participant the competition, a licensed architect, may form a creative team for the execution of the competitive project and be its manager or participant.
4.3. The collectives of the organizations or enterprises of different forms of property which have a license for architectural activity may take part in the competition.
4.4. The payment of the registration fee is a condition of the registration of the competition participant and handing him a packet of initial documents.
4.5. The registration fee equals 50 US dollars or an equivalent sum in Russian roubles calculated according to the course of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of payment. The registration fee is to be transferred to (see website). The requisites for transferring the registration fee are:
- in US dollars
Currency account – 40602840400011000312
To the “Bank of Moscow” the payment is realized by means of 
JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York
Account N 400 920 190; SWIFT: CHAS US 33
Adress: 270 Park Avenue, New York City,
NY 10017, USA
Telex 420120
4.6. The participants of the competition receive the following materials:
- the programme and conditions of the competition;
- the list of the Jury members (Appendix N 1);
- the technical assignment for the working out of the project proposals (Appendix N2 );
- the layout plan with the boundaries of the project area and adjacent territories
- the scheme of transport service;
- the master plan defining the boundaries of the project area (sites 2-3);
- plans of the underground floors:
?) on mark 121 - (the level of the service and transport driving in with parking places and provision of driving into all sites);
b) on mark 124,6 - (the underground public space allowing to be connected with all sites of the “Moscow-City” MIBC including the underground);
c) plan of the Central Core on mark 117.40;
- the scheme of gabarits of sites 2-3;
- a three-dimensional representation;
- a cross-section of the site including the Central Core, the “Bagration” Bridge and the Moskva-River;
- development from the side of the Moskva-River;
- the scheme of photofixing of two sites: from the side of hotel “Ukraina”; from the side of the 3rd transport rind
- a scheme of the exposition of the project.
4.7. The complement of materials to be submitted for the competition (textual materials are submitted in the Microsoft Format Word, graphic – in any format):
- the scheme of the master plan with transport scheme, M 1:2000;
- plans of the main floors with display of functional purposes of rooms 1:500;
- main elevation, 1: 200, (view from the Moskva-River) side elevation from the side of the “Expocentre”, 1:400, side elevation from site 4 1:400;
- 2 main sections, 1:200: cross section with the “Bagration” Bridge, 1:500 and longitudinal section 1:500;
- axonometry no less than 1x1 m;
- 2 drawings-in, montages from the principal observation points with the use of the given photofixing;
- specifications with substantiations of the planning, three-dimensional and spatial solution, objects of landscape organization of the adjacent territory, with the description of principles of the functional, structural and technological solutions stipulated by the design proposal, technical and economic parameters: the total area of the building square metres, including the area of the principal functional zones, the volume of the building in cubic metres, area of the development in sq.m.;
- commercial proposal and the way of payment for predesign and design works;
- a copy of the architectural activities license (permission);
4.8. The design materials are to be submitted on 4 tablets or in rolls (for foreign participants an those from other towns) 100 x 140 sm. in size and on magnetic carriers. The scheme of the arrangement of materials and their scales are to be enclosed and are obligatory. The additional materials are not accepted. The materials are submitted in black-and-white graphics.
4.9. The entries are to be submitted in the Russian or English languages. 
4.10. The designs are to be executed in keeping with the technical assignment for the design.
4.11. In order to preserve anonymity of the authors' team the competitive projects are to be submitted under mottoes. The motto represents a combination of any 6 figures from 0 up to 9 chosen at the participants’ discretion, (the height of the figures is to be 1 sm.), and is placed in the top right corner of all materials of the entry, and also on the envelope with the motto, the envelope should contain the information data on the participant (participants) of the competition: the surname, first name, patronymic, passport data, address of the author (authors) of the project, percentage parity of the distribution of the prizes signed by the participants.
4.12 The participants obligatory submit a booklet of all competition design materials in the format A-3 (two copies) with the tablets or rolls of graphic materials, specifications and a motto envelope.
4.13. From the projects, submitted for the competition, the jury will choose 5 that are the best ones.
4.14. The winner of the competition is defined from the five chosen designs by a mutual decision of the Public Council headed by the Moscow Mayor and the Jury and is confirmed by the minutes
4.15. The competition winner receives the first prize – the right to realize the project.. 
4.16. The four other prize-winners of the competition defined by the Jury decision are awarded the following money prizes:
The second prise – 1.250.000 roubles
The third prize – 950.000 roubles 
The fourth prize – 650.000 roubles
The fifth prize – 350.000 roubles. 
4.17. The money prises are paid not later than 30 days from the day of the announcement of the competition results.
4.18. The “Capital City Developments ”Closed Stock Company is obliged to sign a contract for the execution of the following stages of designing (brief, design) not later than 60 days from the date of the announcement of the competition results.
4.19. If the Competition Winner refuses to sign the contract for the execution of the following stages of designing the “Capital City Developments ”Closed Stock Company signs the contract with the competition prizer who took the next place. In this case the prize he has received becomes part of his fee for the design.
4.20. If the design was defined as the best, but it does not meet the construction, fire-protection, sanitary and other requirements in force on the territory of the Russian Federation the authors of this design will have to rework it according to the norms of the Russian Federation.
4.21. If the competition winners are citizens of foreign countries including the CIS countries the further work at the design can proceed according to the Russian laws in force under the condition of direct participation in designing of a Russian design bureau or a Russian architect who have a licence.
4.22. For the appraisal of the competitive projects a Jury is appointed, 2/3 of whose members are determined by the Union of Moscow Architects, and 1/3 by the Investor.
4.23. The members of the Jury and candidates for the membership in the Jury do not take part in the competition and have no right to consult any competition participant.

5. The time and organizational questions of the competition.
5.1. The competition will take place from the fifteenth of May 2002 till the fifteenth of October 2002.
5.2. The registration of the competition participants will take place from the fifteenth of May 2002 till the fifteenth of August 2002.
5.3. The design materials from the list, determined by the programme and conditions of the competition, are submitted on the fifteenth of October 2002 before 6 o’clock in the afternoon, the address is 125047, Moscow, 2nd Brestskaya Street. N 6, Mosarkhinform, “Department Responsible for Organizing and Conducting Architectural and Town-planning Competitions”.
5.4. Simultaneously with sending the projects the nonresident participants of the free competition should send to the address of the organizer of the competition a telegram with the indication of the date and number of the post office receipt certifying sending of the documentation.
5.5. The expertise and discussion of the projects - from the 16th of October till the 23rd of October 2002.
5.6. The sitting of the jury for selecting five best designs – the 24th of October 2002.
5.7. The defining of the competition winner by the mutual decision of the International Jury and the Public Council headed by the Moscow Mayor, preparation of the minutes – on the 25th of October 2002.
5.8. Exhibition of the competitive projects will take place from the 4thth of November till the 11h of November 2002.
5. 9. The projects are considered submitted in time, if they are submitted not later than the day and hour determined by the competition conditions.
5.10. The projects executed with infringement of the requirements of the present programme and conditions are not admitted to participate in the competition 
5.11.Designes sent to the competition are not returned.
5.12. It is possible to get acquainted with the programme and the conditions of the competition on the site www.mosarchinform.ru.
5.13. For explanations on the competition programme and conditions it is possible to address the organizational committee of the competition during a month after the announcement of the competition:
Deputy Chairman of Moscomarkhitektura – Grin Andrei Alexandrovitch. Tel. (095) 250-35-82 (additional 100);
Head of the Competition Department, Responsible Secretary of the competition – Rakitin Aleksandr Nikolayevich. Telephone (Moscow) (095) 209-13-72. 
Deputy Head of the Competition Department – Sribnaya Anna Nikolayevna. Tel.(095)209-13-72, 250-35-82 (additional 277). e-mail: city@mosarchinform.ru

Website: http://www.dom6.ru/mcity/default_eng.htm


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