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The Copper Development Association for Argentina and Uruguay "Instituto del Cobre" launched May 22 the first Latin American Copper in Design Competition in the National Museum of Fine Arts of Argentina as shown in the site www.concobre.com
The event is organised in conjunction with the network of Latin American Copper Centres in Chile, Brazil, Peru and Mexico and is open to participants belonging to the Latin American Region. It is endorsed by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) and sponsored by International Copper Association Ltd (USA) and the National Museum of Fine Arts of Argentina and FV, a leading brass-fixtures manufacturer in Latin America Also it counts with the auspices of the National University of Buenos Aires Faculty of Architecture and Industrial Design and national designers associations.
The contest will reward the use of copper and its alloys in new products and their applications according to criteria considering the aesthetics, the technological innovation and feasibility in the production circuit.


The competition is aimed at: 

Design and/or Architectural studios
Freelance Professionals
Final year Design, Architecture, and Interior Design students 


1. Furniture Design
Bookstands, seating, chairs, sofas, cabinets, tables, beds, and etc.
Divisions, office furniture including computer furniture.

2.Interior Design
Radiators, air purifiers, railing, wall divisions, lighting including wall, ceiling, freestanding and tabletop artefacts, clothing racks, hooks and hangers.

3. Accessories and Utensil
Candelabras, tea trollies, ornaments, vases and accessories. Desktop items such as personal cardholders, wastepaper baskets, pen and pencil holders, letter openers, bookends, etc. Cutlery, crockery, tea and coffee pots, jugs, trays, pots and pans and other cooking utensils. 

4.Bathroom and Kitchen Accessories
This category is under the auspices of FV. Wash basins, towelling racks, soap holders, toilet paper holders, etc.


The jury will have the ability to decide on the winners. The total prize money amounts up to US$ 9.500 of which US$ 5.000 is to be awarded as first prize. A special award of US$ 2.000 is to be granted by FV under the Category 4. There will also be three honourable mentions per category.


Prof. Jorge Glusberg
Director National Museum of Fine Arts. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Arch. Ricardo Blanco
Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Design. 
National University of Buenos Aires Architecture and Design. Argentina

Arch. Carlos Hinrinchsen
Director DUOC of the Catholic University. Chile.

Designer Eduardo Simonetti
Professor. of Industrial Design, University of La Plata, Argentina.

Designer Ivens Fontoura
Investigator and design critic. Brazil.

Designer Juan Cavallero
Jury in category 4 acting on behalf of FV, Argentina.

Agenda and deadlines

Launching: May 22
Registration until: July 15
Delivery of projects: August 12
Delivery of copper prototypes: September 23
Selection of prototypes for exhibition: September 30
Exhibition: October 10 till November 13
Award ceremony: October 22 


Those interested in the contest are encouraged to access the competition web site www.concobre.com to obtain detailed information and to register. For technical or any other information referring to the copper applications and its alloys please refer to the following sites:

International Copper Association Ltd (USA) www.copperinfo.com

Instituto del Cobre(Argentina) www.cobreinfo.com


Contact the Director of the contest Designer Alberto Arias Van Lierde by e-mail at: info@concobre.com

Press information

Please contact Richard Bialobroda, Executive Director for the Instituto del Cobre in Argentina at rbialobroda@copper.org


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