1. Purpose

The 1st Korea International Poster Biennale is to commemorate the successful hosting of icograda millennium congress, oullim 2000 Seoul and the ICSID 2001 SEOUL. It also aims to show the future direction of graphic design industry that takes the center stage in the 21st century, a century of information and digitalization. 

2. Organizer

Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP)

3. Sponsors 

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE)
Seongnam city

** Endorsed by ICOGRADA

4. Category

A. Commercial Posters
B. Cultural Posters: Sports, Tourism, Entertainment, Exhibitions, Arts etc.
C. Public Campaign Posters

5. Participation

A. Professional Designers
B. Students

6. Official Languages: Korean, English

7. International Jury 

A. Gianni Bortolotti (Italy)
B. Marina Langer-Risa (Germany) 
C. Fukuda Shigeo (Japan)
D. Luba Lukova (U.S.A)
E. Koo, Dong-jo (Korea) 

8. Entry Rules

A. Closing Date for entries: October 18th(Fri.), 2002. 
* If you apply by mail, your application must be received by the secretariat no later than October 18th, 2002.
B. Entries must be finished works of offset or silk-screen printing and printed in poster after 2000.
C. There is no number restriction of entry submission.
D. Entries should be no smaller than A1 Size and no larger than B0 Size.
E. There is no registration Fee.
F. Entries shall not be returned.
G. Entry forms must be enclosed in a sealed envelope along with the posters. The participants should be requested to fill in an entry form in block letters or typewritten. A copy of the entry card must be fixed with adhesive tape to the lower-right corner on the reverse of each poster. Entry form is downloadable at the homepage. (http://www.designdb.com/english)
H. One copy of catalogue published by organizer will be available to each entrant at a 50% discount.
I. All the posters selected by the jury for the competitive exhibition become the property of the Organizers. The Organizers have the right to photograph and reprint the works for publicity and promotion.
J. Judges, their family partners and their business partners can not participate in the competition.

9. Delivery of Submissions

A. The posters must be sent as following address and printed matter of “non-commercial value”. The organizer will not undertake any customs clearance and the parcel will be sent back. 
Convention Team
Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP)
Korea Design Center 7F., 
344-1 Yatap 1-dong, Seongnam City
Republic of Korea (Zip Code: 463-828)
B. Two copies of each work (unframed and unmounted, in a hard protective cover), colour slide (more than 120mm) and ID Photo must be sent
C. The works should be packed in a safe and practical manner to avoid any damage during transport. The organizers do not take responsibility for damages sustained in transport.

10. Judging

Judging process will be conducted impartially by a judge panel composed of world-famous graphic designers and experts.

11. Announcement of Winners: http://www.designdb.com/english

12. Awards

Types of awards
Number of awards

1 Grand Prize 
Professional Designers, $ 7,000, Diploma

2 Gold Prize
Professional Designers 1, $ 4,000, Diploma
Students 1, $ 2,000, Diploma

3 Silver Prize
Professional Designers 2, $ 2,000, Diploma
Students 1, $ 1,500, Diploma

5 Bronze Prize
Professional Designers 3, $ 1,000, Diploma
Students 2, $ 1,000, Diploma

2 Special Prize
Professional Designers 1, Diploma
Students 1, Diploma

Selected Works
Numerous, Diploma

13. Opening and Awarding Ceremony

A. Time: 10:00 a.m.(Wed.), November 20, 2002
B. Venue: Korea Design Center

14. Exhibition

A. Period : November 20 -30, 2002
B. Venue: Exhibition Hall (B1), Korea Design Center 
C. Exhibits: All the entries recognized by the competition 

15. Inquires 

KIDP Convention Team
URL: http://www.designdb.com/english
Fax: +82 31 780 2166
Email: posterbiennale@kidp.or.kr
Address: Korea Design Center Bldg. 7F., 344-1,Yatap Dong, Seongnam City, Republic of Korea (Zip Code: 463-828)


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