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Messe Frankfurt is set to initiate the first ever European Architecture & Technology Award. This award will be offered and presented every three years alternately at the ISH and Light+Building trade fairs. The Architecture & Technology Award will be given for a building erected in Europe that best combines excellence of architectural design with quality and practicality. Against a background of increasing demands on external form and internal functional efficiency in modern buildings, the Architecture & Technology Award will recognise the achievements of architects and engineers whose successful cooperation from project planning through to project execution is characterised by integrated activity. The sponsors for this award are Messe Frankfurt, the Federation of German Architects (BDA), the Association of German Consultant Engineers (VBI), the German Architecture Museum (DAM) and the German Institute of Building Climate Control (FGK).

European Architecture & Technology Award

The award's patron is the European Commission's Directorate General for Transport and Energy. Any European projects that are less than three years old may enter the competition. The winner of the European Architecture & Technology Award will be chosen by an international jury of recognised experts and will receive a prize of € 75,000 in addition to the prestigious award title. Project sponsors, architects and planners of up to four other buildings will also receive special recognition in the form of certificates and plaques.

All awards will be presented publicly at a special event during the trade fair and then exhibited at the German Museum of Architecture in Frankfurt am Main. We wish the best of luck to all participants in the Architecture & Technology Award, the first European award for architecture and technology. 2003 The members of the jury will meet in Frankfurt am Main following the closing date for submission of competition documents. The decision of the jury will be final and there will be no recourse to courts of law.

An international jury of recognised experts will judge the competition entries in accordance with the following criteria:
- Innovative combination of architecture and technology
- Distinctive combination of architecture and technology
- Town planning integration
- Architectural quality
- Innovative building technology
- Functional aspects and flexibility of use
- Resource-efficient construction methods
- Low environmental impact
- Use of existing built structures
- Appropriate investment and follow-on costs
- Quality of use
- Compliance with national and European
building regulations in force at the time of submission In today's world, architecture and technology are inextricably linked and interact in the planning and realisation of modern buildings. With the new "Architecture & Technology Award", Messe Frankfurt wishes to pay tribute to the harmonious interplay of form and function.

This award will be given to architectural solutions that demonstrate excellence in terms of their flexibility, sustainability and user orientation and whose use of new materials and technologies are of a pilot character. Architects and engineers may either individually or jointly enter any completed and functioning building projects for the competition. These projects must be located in Europe and be less than 3 years old. The Architecture & Technology Award and the New Talents special award The Architecture & Technology Award will be presented to a functioning building in Europe that has been erected, modernised or whose use has been changed within the last three years.

The building must fall into one of the following non-private categories:
- Office and administrative buildings (Office Building)
- Corporate buildings / cafés and restaurants (Corporate Building)
- Industrial and commercial buildings, changes of use and conversions (New Labor - New Life)
- Public buildings, transport buildings, cultural buildings and educational buildings (Public Places)
- Hospitals
- Other infrastructure projects

Entries and conditions for participation

Entries for the Architecture & Technology Award may be submitted by anyone with an interest in ensuring that building excellence is recognised and appreciated by the public. They may be submitted by individuals, companies, professional organisations, associations and institutions, clients, project sponsors or the actual civil engineers and architects themselves. Freelance architects and engineers are only entitled to participate as the intellectual creators of the relevant buildings.

Freelance engineers may only participate jointly with architects and vice-versa. Projects may also be entered that are concerned with the maintenance of historically important architecture, enhanced with modern technology and with new, environmentally appropriate types of use. In addition, a special New Talents award will also be awarded in respect of the above-mentioned themes to architects, engineers and planners up to the age of 39. A prize of € 10,000 is linked to this award.

Money prizes and awards

Prize money of € 75,000 has been put up for the Architecture & Technology Award and will be given to the intellectual creator(s) of the winning building. Project sponsors, architects, engineers and other involved planners and companies will receive a certificate. The competition plaque should be affixed to the winning building. Project sponsors, architects and planners of up to four other buildings will receive "special recognition" awards in the form of certificates and plaques. In addition to a certificate and building plaque, a money prize of € 10,000 will be awarded for the New Talents special award.

Award presentation and documentation

The main and special awards will be presented in Frankfurt am Main at a public event during ISH (25-29 March 2003), the International Trade Fair for Building and Energy Technology / The Bathroom Experience. All awards and special recognitions together with their associated documentation will be displayed in a public exhibition. The awards and special recognitions for all entered works will subsequently be presented to the archive of the German Museum of Architecture in Frankfurt am Main where they will be put on show.

By participating in this competition, the prizewinners give their agreement to the exhibition and publication of any supplied documents. Senders shall ensure that all material supplied to the organiser is copyright free.

Submission of documents

The competition will be run in accordance with the German Principles and Guidelines for Competitions (GRW). The submitted documents must be labelled in English and must allow examination of all points that are necessary for understanding the building:
- General site plan, ground plans, views, cross-sections, details about the construction principle that make clear the special and innovative character of the project - 3D computer simulation (if available) of max. 3 minutes in length
- Photographs, max. A4 format
- Short descriptive report of max. 3 x A4 pages in English with description of the technology, energy consumption etc.
- Application and declaration of authorship (appendix)
- Closing date for applications: 30.09.2002

All documents should be submitted to:
Ingo Schrader
Spohrstrasse 33
D-60318 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 69 15 40 95 - 0
Fax +49 69 15 40 95 - 95
E mail: i.schrader@t-online.de

European Architecture & Technology Award
Messe Frankfurt GmbH
Postfach 15 02 10
D-60062 Frankfurt am Main
Fon +49 69 75 75 - 62 72
Fax +49 69 75 75 - 59 22
Email: light-building@messefrankfurt.com



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