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OSAKA 2003

International Design Competition 
Sponsored by Japan Design Foundation (JDF)

This competition is held with the cooperation and endorsement of the following organizations:
International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA)
International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID)
International Federation of Interior Architects/Interior Designers (IFI)

At the previous ten International Design Competitions held biennially between 1983 and 2001, the objective was mainly to suggest visions and messages concerning the future of humankind.

Henceforth, JDF will promote the Competition by focusing primarily on solutions to contemporary and social issues, bridging design and business, in line with the basic concept of “Design for Every Being. In this context, JDF will hold the International Design Business Exchange Conference in October 2003, and open it to the public, during the last phase of screening, in order to create business opportunities by using design entries as resources, and to foster greater awareness of design values. At the Conference, finalists will be invited to present their design works to both jurors and the audience, who will be invited from industry, design services, academia and consumer groups, as well as the municipal government.

Rethink 'Consumption'

industrialized society in the 20th century has brought us physical richness. However, the mass-
production, mass-consumption and mass-disposal that came with it have caused various problems that menace Earth’s environment. On the other hand, consumers themselves have been enjoying many goods and services, but they are not necessarily satisfied with current consumption and do not think that they can continue it forever. Now is the time to rethink the meaning of the consumption that led the economy in the 20th century, and present to consumer realistic ideas from a new point of view to solve environmental issues and consumption problems at the same time.

Henceforth it will be required to provide high-quality goods or services that offer wide selection, accelerating to shift the lifestyle such as seeking ownership of goods with disposal limitlessly. In the process to realize it, it is also expected that new types of consumption such as a material-circulation oriented type that reduce damage to environment or a co-ownership and joint usage oriented one that does not require sole individual ownership. In these changes it is expected that the thought and methodology in Ecological Design and Universal Design” will lead in solving various problems.

This competition requires realistic ideas and a proposal to realize them that seeks to create new consumption, reducing environmental damages consistent with richness and fulfilled minds.


Any individual or group, from any design field, anywhere in the world, may enter the Competition. However, the sponsor, judges, their family members, or those whose works are joint creations with either the sponsor or any of the judges, are not eligible. 


This competition is open to all design categories. However, please create a work that is in line with the theme; do not be preoccupied with categorization.


All entries must be newly created for the Competition, and unpublished.

Number of entries

Up to three entries are allowed per individual or group.

How to enter

Entry is free.
Submit entries via: home page, e-mail, floppy disk or color slides (35 mm).
Please fill out the specified entry form. For group entry, enter representative’s name in column for entrant’s name and remaining creators’ names in column for co-creators names.
Form must be filled out in either Japanese or English.


February 1: Commencement of entry acceptance for preliminary screening
March 31: Deadline for acceptance of entry for preliminary screening
May 27 - 29: Preliminary screening
Mid June: Announcement of preliminary screening result
September 12: Deadline for Final Review

Latter half of October :
-Final Review
-Presentations by finalists
-Exhibition of finalists’ works (open to public)
-Announcement of final review results and citation ceremony

The schedule after the final review will be posted on JDF’s web site as soon as it is decided.
URL http://www.jdf.or.jp/english/index.html


Entered works will be judged in two stages: preliminary screening and final review.
In preliminary screening, entries will be projected individually by video projector for evaluation.
In final review, in addition to finalists’ works (original pieces, models, panels etc.), open presentations by finalists will also be evaluated.

Judging criteria

Conformity with theme
Accurate view of contemporary society and our time
Originality and meaningful proposals for future
Feasibility of technology in near future
Usefulness and feasibility of proposal’s creating new business opportunities

Invitation of Finalists

Finalists will be invited to Osaka for open presentations (for group entries, only representative will be invited).


Panel of judges is as listed below.
Judges from overseas have been selected in cooperation with ICOGRADA, ICSID and IFI.

<Judges for Preliminary Screening>
Tapani Hyvönen, Finland, Industrial Designer
Ikuo Nishioka, Japan, Venture Capitalist
Naoto Fukasawa, Japan, Product Designer
Ken Miki, Japan, Graphic Designer
Seiji Wada, Japan, Product Designer

Judges for Final Review will include three from Japan and three from overseas. The names of judges will be announced on JDF’s web site as soon as they are decided.
Technical advisors, consultants and other specialists will be appointed to support judges regarding evaluation in techniques, intellectual property rights and business aspects, as necessary.


Grand Prize (Prime Minister’s Prize) 1: $20,000
Gold Prize (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize) 1: $10,000
Silver Prize (Governor of Osaka Prefecture Prize) 1: $5,000
Silver Prize (Mayor of Osaka Prize) 1: $5,000
Bronze Prize (Chairman of Japan Design FoundationPrize) 1: $3,000
Honorable Mention: Awarded to limited number of entries. Memento


The commendation ceremony will be held in Osaka immediately after the final review in the latter half of October 2003.

For further information on application process
Please contact JDF International Design Competition Osaka 2003 Secretariat by mail, fax or e- mail. No telephone inquiries.
Mail address: 3-1-800, Umeda 1-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0001, JAPAN
E-mail:sako@jdf.or.jp Fax: +81-6-6346-2615.

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