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School in Latvia announces 
Open Architectural Competition:

"21st Century School - draft design"

In September 2002, the Latvian Union of Architects and Jurmala Alternative School concluded an agreement marking the beginning of a new era in school design in Latvia.

Since Latvia regained its independence 11 years ago, few new schools have been built in the nation. With the increase in economic activity and concentration on education as the driving force for development, Jurmala Alternative School is a pilot project for premium quality education.

This competition calls on architects in the Baltic and Nordic countries to offer their most creative draft designs for the new school building.

The tender procedure and programme are available until October 24th, 2002 at the Latvian Union of Architects - House of Architects in Riga, Torna St. 11/15 (tel. +371 7212802, fax +371 7223902, e-mail: latarch@latnet.lv).

The term of submission for the draft is November 28th, 2002.

"21st Century School - draft design"
Project Manager
Mgr. Arch. Zanda Redberga

Tel. +371 7220779
Mob. tel. + 371 9479588
E-mail zanda@bf.rtu.lv

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