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School of Architecture, U of I, Chicago & Gallery 400

Type: Open, call for entries
Registration Deadline: November 15, 2002
Submission Deadline: November 15, 2002
Open to: All
Entry Fee: None
Awards: Exhibition & publication
Jury: Joseph Burns, Sarah Dunn, Deborah Fausch, Martin Felsen, Jeanne Gang, Douglas Garofalo, Ellen Grimes, Sharon Haar, Kevin Harrington, Robert McAnulty, Anders Nereim, Ben Nicholson, Donna Robertson, John Ronan, Mark Schendel and Xavier Vendrell

Speculative Chicago: A Compendium of Architectural Innovation An exhibition (25 February - 29 March 2003) and catalogue

Proposing Chicago as a test bed for innovation, Gallery 400 and the School of Architecture, University of Illinois at Chicago join forces to sponsor an exhibition and catalogue intended to raise awareness of the city's current architectural activity. By revealing and asserting the vitality of Chicago as a location for speculation, the exhibition and catalogue will catalyze discussion of Chicago as a site for innovative architectural practices. Speculative Chicago will bring together architects, designers, theorists and other `speculators' who demonstrate that innovation concerning the built environment continues to thrive in the `city that works.' Their multifarious works treat the idea of speculation in numerous ways:

· The assumption of risk in hope of gain
· Meditating on or pondering a subject
· As suggestion, testing, and examination
· Curiosity and questioning
· As theoretical, rather than demonstrable, tactics
· In virtual and physical manifestations

Proposed conceptual foci for the exhibition include (but are not limited to):

Theoretical ideas and other work that questions current assumptions with new strategies, tactics and techniques: texts, drawings, film/video, etc.

Constructed works at various scales that pursue innovation by appropriating contemporary technical and production intelligence: mock-ups, experimental structures and/or environments, prototypes, etc.

Architectural works that demonstrate contemporary insight and/or significant contribution to ongoing debate concerning the built environment: built projects, unbuilt projects, products, competition entries, speculative projects, etc. 

Urban works that demonstrate contemporary insight and/or significant contribution to ongoing debate concerning public space: urban planning, landscapes, infrastructures, etc.

Activities and actions at various scales that propose new relationships within the city: performances, exhibitions, etc.

Submitted work must be “in,” “from,” or “for” Chicago (i.e., work in Chicago by speculators currently working in the city, projects for places outside of Chicago by speculators working in Chicago, or projects set in Chicago by speculators from other places). Student work is not eligible for inclusion in the exhibition.

The submissions will be reviewed by a panel of speculator/curators, and those chosen for inclusion in the exhibit will be notified by 28 November 2002. Entrants chosen for inclusion in the exhibit will be asked to provide 2-3 pages for the catalogue that will accompany the exhibit.

Submission Requirements
Entrants are requested to submit their proposals in 8 1/2" x 11" (216mm x 280mm) format in black and white or color, in a bound booklet. There is no page limit to the submission, but a one-page abstract of the project must be included at the beginning of the proposal. Entrants should include a title for the work and include their name and contact information with the submission. Submissions will be returned only if a self-addressed return envelope with sufficient postage is included.

Deadline for submissions is Friday 15 November 2002. All submissions-whether mailed or delivered-must be received at Gallery 400 by 5:00 pm. Submissions should be delivered to the address listed below.

For more information or to register, contact:
Gallery 400
University of Illinois at Chicago
Art and Design Hall, First Floor
400 South Peoria Street (MC 033)
Chicago IL 60607-7034
Website: http://gallery400.aa.uic.edu

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