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Web3d-fr organises its first Web3d creation contest

Registration Deadline: 31th December 2002 at midnight
Submission Deadline: 31th December 2002 at midnight
Open to: all
Entry Fee: none
Awards: Web3d softs
Jury: web3d-fr team


AGORA : Meeting place, bordered of public buildings, center of the political and economical life of the community.

Winners' prizes:

1st Place
- Offered by ParallelGraphics : One license for VrmlPad2+ExtrusionEditor
- Offered by Swift 3D: One license of Swift 3D v3
- Offered by Strata3D : One license of Strata 3Dpro.

2nd Place
- Offered by ParallelGraphics : One license of Internet Space Builder 3.0
- Offered by Strata3D : One license of Strata 3Dpro

Contest' rules:

The production has to be publishable on the Web, it has to use a "realtime" Web3D technology. All Web3d technologies are accepted.

The user won't have to download more than 800 K-octets for fully viewing the scene (We admit that the necessary plug-in is already installed).

The total number of polygons shown at a given moment will not have to exceed 8000 polygons. If the author uses particles, NURBS, or any other technology that make the polygon count vary according to the configuration, only the fluidity behavior will be kept (test configuration type GeForce 2).

The contest is open to all, without countries restrictions.

The submission can be the work of a group of artists, 3 at the max, the work of only one is of course also authorised. An artist cannot participate in several submissions.

The submissions have to be original creations and have to be the property of the contestants. Don't use objects from other scenes.

Every contestant has to give a valid email as well as his/her full mailing address (for sending the prizes).

Web3d-fr's team will have the right to refuse any submission that it will consider misplaced, unrelated or any other reason. The author would be then notified by email.

As you submit to the contest, you grant Web3d-fr the permission to publish your work on its site, at least in the following 6 monthes after the results' announcement.

At no moment, Web3d-fr can be held responsible for the copyright violation by a contestant, it is indeed impossible for us to check if the contestant is truly the content's author.

The winner of the contest will be notified by email in the hours preceding the publication of the results on the site.

If the winner doesn't reply within the 15 days following the results anoucement day, the prize(s) will be given to the author of the production at the second place, then at the one of the third place. In case of non-reply of one of the 3 winners, the team has the right to keep the prize(s) for a future contest.


If you want to participate to this contest, a dedicated mailing-list has been created, pre-subscribe.


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