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The Architecture of Philosophy/The Philosophy of Architecture


National Museum for Photography, Film and Television
Bradford, West Yorkshire BD1 1NQ

organizzato da:
CentreCATH - Leeds

Dana Arnold, Irena Bauman, Leeds Andrew Benjamin, Beatriz Colomina, Mark Wigley

This conference addresses the question of architecture and philosophy from the Classical to the Postmodern. It wishes to pursue several avenues of investigation.

Firstly, the place of the architectural metaphor in the texts of philosophy from the Platonic archeton to Marx's superstructure, from Heidegger's notion of dwelling to deconstructive arche-writing. In this respect the conference would like to explore the ways in which philosophy, and latterly the expanded practice of Theory, has imagined itself as an architectural enterprise which builds systems of thought.

Secondly, the philosophical discussion of architecture as a branch of aesthetics from Kant and Hegel to the present. Here the conference also wishes to address theories and philosophies of architecture from Vitruvius to Corbusier and beyond. Thirdly, those pieces of architecture which both have their foundations in philosophy and which inspire philosophical reflection. In particular the conference will examine contemporary architecture (so-called postmodern or deconstructive architecture), which as a practice seems to perform the insights of postmodern theory, and the architecture of the museum and the museum of architecture and the Architectural Archive.
Here the conference would like to explore debates around the creation of museum spaces and the relationship between collections, interpretation meaning and space.

Fourthly, the specific conjunction between philosophers and architects, when philosophers become architects (e.g. Wittgenstein, Derrida) and when architects become philosophers (e.g. Thomas Jefferson, Bernard Tschumi).

Fifthly, the question of the material in philosophy and architecture, from Socratic materialism to Paul de Man's Aesthetic Ideology. Here the conference would like to explore the ways in which architecture might help philosophy think through the problems of materiality and the ways in which such philosophical reflection might be performed in architectural practice.

Sixthly, the relationship between building and sculpture, between architectural practice and artistic practice. Seventhly: architecture and the city; how does contemporary practice engage with historic spaces? How does architecture address issues such as regeneration, political discourse and social inclusion and identity?



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