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Mallorca Recycling Models


IaaC -Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Pujades 81 Pobel Nou, Barcelona

organizzato da:
Association of Architects of Balearic Islands
in collaborazione con
IaaC -Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

a cura di:
Manuel Gausa, Federico Climent, José Miguel Iribas, Luis Falcón, Silvia Banchini, Willy Müller, Alberto Sánchez, Aina Salva

José Luis Mateo, Vicente Guallart, Juan Herreros, Alejandro Zaera Polo, Farshid Moussavi, Winy Maas, Federico Soriano, Hrvoje Njiric, Juan Palop, Martí Boada, Antoni Martínez, Josep-Francesc Valls, Javier Rui-Wamba, Gregory J.Ashworth, Martí Boada, Antoni Martínez, Javier Obartí, Ferran Porto

The urbanized territory, an opened platform for the tourist industry nowadays, is simultaneously the result of a successful combination between an economy of scale and an economy of agglomeration and capacities.
The first, a generator of the process of production standardization, is fed by the development of finalized strategies to elevate the efficiency level in terms of mass tourism technology. The second, meanwhile, survives thanks to a manifold system of small centres of leisure production in competition.

These two integrated systems create a combination of scale (administrative and self-organized) that can assume an attractive fort at an international level without losing the value of its own local character. Tourism constitutes as one of the most relevant components to the development process of the Mediterranean regions, where an increasing attention to the effects of its organization in the territory is registered today. At present the sustainability of the tourist activity more than ever depends on a planning definitively capable of assuming the variables of each territory, to impel suitable strategies to supply the specific potentials of each surroundings.

The purpose of this workshop is to generate a territorial investigation that aims for analytical findings from a multidisciplinary discussion and >to propose multi-scale projects for the island of Mallorca, which is chosen as case study of this workshop.

Subject of work
The workshop proposes to view the island of Mallorca as a single city in which the development process follows logics rather than recession or growth towards inside. The municipalities are part of a system that needs a general redistribution planning for the supply of qualitative argument for tourists as much as for the local residences. The different scales through which the existing projects were developed considering the tourist patrimony of Mallorca Island as an urban system, and with Mallorca in relation to the Balearic Islands, and its districts, English, German, French....
Each team will be touching the parameters of these scales to define the criterias of intervention and propose concrete schemes of recycling the insular territory. All work units face key questions to provoke the reflection and development of different strategies for intervention.



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