HOV. Pentedattilo

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I come to the mountain. It's night. It's raining. Few electric lights are dimly gleaming. 
Mediterranean south surprises me with its unexpected coldness. 
Some figures, against moonlight, are clear and overwhelming. Others, complex wefts. With vague profiles. 
What's that? "Prickly pears", someone answers me. 
The group isn't disturbing me. Miraculously everybody is alone, trying to escape silence. Any spoken word would lead back to reality, whereas in the absence you‘re heading towards an apparently timeless state. All's happening fast and slow at the same time, as if you were on an endless swing pulled by words. Unusual and unstable time flux.
While I was quickly loosing my identity, and simply enjoying my being.


Site plan.

The experimental work we propose is not pretentious, but open to new mental perspectives. Though it proves wrong, a never previously conceived idea reveals how the future may be different from any our expectations. 

We approached this magical space aware of its apparent solidity. Reality may be an illusion, a ghost. And, at a deeper level, even the basic elements may be just extensions of the same fundamental "organism", without any individuality. Human behaviour in such places shows perhaps the existence of a level of reality we can not attain, of a dimension beyond ours.

Though human nature is always trying to classify phenomena in categories, any effort can't but prove artificial. The Whole reveals as a continuous and uninterrupted essence. 

The material around us reminds of daily life, where everything seems to respect precise laws man can easily interpret. The sensations we feel are nevertheless deeply rooted in the spiritual world, whose laws are not rational but attainable only through intuition or initiation. Facing material and spirit can prove an exciting experience, since they move our conscience and their conjunct action is unpredictable: new meanings vehicled by unusual means. The project is thought for a place where they both are respected and co-operating.

The Recollection wall.

The Spiritual Centre.

The Archeological Site.

WIND AND EARTH LAB. The wind and earth lab is a mental experiment that images an undergroung door in the future of Pentedattilo, set on the interest line joining the new village to the historical centre. From the new equipped areas, meant for the first welcome and the refreshment, the run crosses the visualised landscape placing side by side the labs- and the classrooms spaces, also under ground and serving the multidisciplinary activities, scientific or artistic, which may be reconducted to the wind or earth themes.

THE SPIRTUAL CENTRE. From the spirtual centre a walk path takes origin, which crosses the Montebello Fiumara and reaches the the base of the rocky peak. At half of its upcoming, the path joins the secondary run coming from the old village and finishes by the recollection wall. The unquestionable symbolic value reminds of a mystical atmosphere where it is possible to listen to nature and increase one's own reflection capabilities.

The Recollection wall.

The Wind and Earth Lab.

RECOLLECTION WALL. Such temporary structures, obtained in the holes originated by the rocks enucleation and widened by atmospherical agents, are meant for a simple and automatical assemblage, but they clearly also depend on a very qualified staff. Thanks to mechanical slings integrated in the structure, they become accessible also for not expert climbers. But not for anybody, obviuosly. The meaning of the experience, attainable even by small groups, will be in any case unique and not completely conveyable. The project aims at destroying the indifference towards the places also through experimental passages with "emerging" objects such as the molecules of the Pentadattilo of the future, by recovering in this recollection wall the old mistery of the research of a spiritual and meditative isolation.

David Raponi

The Wind and Earth Lab.

The Spiritual Centre.

HOV/David Raponi

Michele Gabbanelli
Raul Raponi
Eleonora Moscardi

Prof. Ing. Enrico Baroni
Ing. Donatella Magni

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