WithOut Walls

Exhibition and Symposium @ Plymouth Arts Centre


[17 giugno 1999]

On Saturday 19 June at 2pm in The Plymouth Arts Centre Cinema, a group of eminent architects and new media artists will gather to discuss the impact of digital technologies on the shape and form of the 'city'. The guest speaker will explore everyday human interaction with the built and information environments of the modern city, and examine the role of architecture and the arts within the city of the future. The integration of digital interactive multimedia with architecture is a challenge to both practices and suggests a new field of activity: the 'Architecture of Cyberspace'. The guest speakers are:

- Alex de Rijke - from the Architectural Practice dR MM. [De Rijke Marsh Morgan], Alex also teaches at the AA.
- Professor Roy Ascott - CAiiA-STAR, UWCN/UoP, has an international reputation in the field of digital interactive media and was involved in the establishment of the ZKM Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany"
- Professor Adrian Gale - The School of Architecture and the Building Arts.
- Professor Gale worked with Mies Van der Rohe, formerly head of Plymouth.
- School of Computing, and now runs the School of Architecture founded by Prince Charles.
- Dirk Hansen - School of Architecture, UoP. Teaches and practices Architecture in Plymouth and Berlin and will be focusing on the impact of Micro Architecture on the structure of the city.
- Mike Phillips - CAiiA-STAR, UoP. Is head of the Interactive Media Subject Group and is a practising interactive multimedia artist and telematic designer.

The symposium is free to members of the public. Everyone welcome. The wOw symposium is part of the WithOut Walls exhibition at Plymouth Arts Centre which runs until the 11 July.

"The future city will be everywhere and nowhere, it will be a city so greatly different from the ancient city or from any city of today that we will probably fail to recognise its coming as the city at all" (Frank Lloyd Wright)

The Exhibition:
Inspired by Plymouth Arts Centre's lottery proposal for a new 'wired' Arts and Architecture Centre, wOw is an adventurous exploration of the future of such cultural spaces / places, and the cities that sustain them. The lottery bid envisions a building that integrates new media technologies into the fabric of its structure, and anticipates a fusion of creative cultural activity into the information matrix of the city. Whilst Plymouth
is being rewired for the digital information age, the future of its Arts and Architecture is being modelled within the wOw exhibition. wOw is the result of a collaboration between artists, architects and students from Brazil, Germany and the UK.

Time & Place:
Symposium Saturday 19 June 2.00 5.00 - Exhibition 5th June - 11th July - 1999

Exhibition and Symposium: Enquiries to Stephen Hobson, Director of Plymouth
Arts Centre, 38 Looe Street
Plymouth, Devon, PL4 0EB,
Tel: 01752 - 206114

Symposium: Enquiries to Mike Phillips @: mikep@soc.plym.ac.uk Tel: 01752 232549

Website http://cAiiA-STAR.Newport.Plymouth.ac.uk/PROJECTS
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