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6. international festival for architecture in video

international architectural conference > Florence
international architectural conference > May 2-5, 2002

Zaha Hadid

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Tapio Snellman, Christian Grou (neutral), JVC Hotel, Guadalajara, UNITED KINGDOM 2001, 1'42" 

This conceptual animation explains architect Zaha Hadid's idea behind the design to create a 500-room hotel by the shore of an artificial lake in Guadalajara, Mexico. Seeing the guest rooms as single cells of a large conglomerate the animation shows the evolving of the texture and the creation of the building. A specially composed soundtrack by soundartist Andrew Lagowski underlines the drama of this process.

Since forming neutral, Tapio Snellman and Christian Grou have been involved in various fields within the visual arts. Neutral's projects have included both commercial and artistic/conceptual work within the disciplines of video, animation, web design, sound editing and graphics as well as architectural design. Born in Baghdad, Zaha Hadid graduated from the Architectural Association in London in 1977. She worked with OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) and in 1977 began teaching at the Architectural Association with Rem Koolhaas and Elia Zenghelis. In 1979 she opened her own office.
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