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[in italiano] RAMTV is an international team of five young architects formed during their master studies at Architectural Associations Design Research Laboratory (AADRL) as a network for design research based on-line at www.ramtv.org. The name is an acronym that combines the initials of each member: Robert Sedlak (Germany) Aljosa Dekleva (Slovenia), Manuela Gatto (Italy), Tina Gregoric (Slovenia), and Vasili Stroumpakos (Grecee).


PRODUCT-PROJECT. Its first product-book, negotiate my boundary! (AA Publications, London, 2002), investigates how today's changing social systems and domestic organizations suggest the potential for a new and highly responsive form of urban residential architecture. This research is developed through a design project about Mass-customisation. The book presents a model for customising and purchasing a dwelling via the Internet; one that integrates the principles of simultaneous reaction, that installs an intensive interaction and negotiation among future clients in a real-time process with incorporated speculative market-strategies ('stock-exchange' model).

Mass-customisation is provided through a web-based program called Cluster:Blaster, a tool that can be accessed by registered clients who will become members of the future community. They select activities that in turn generate the dwelling via digital morphogenetic processes ("loft" technique, or morphological transition of one shape section into another, along a path). Clients negotiate with each other in multiuser sessions regarding the specific spatial qualities of their future dwellings; this process of customisation continues on, shaping the eventual enclosure and connection between the built units defining their boundaries and interdependencies (share your flat! rent your kitchen! make your flat public!).

A single, definitive outcome in a system is never achieved on an urban level – rather, the evolution of the project site is continually recorded by online information-gathering, display and negotiation. The project becomes an ongoing life-game simulation of fluctuating preferences, constraints and local agreements.

REPRESENTATION–ANIMATIONS. Architecture is usually represented with rendered images or animations that describe the final form of the project. negotiate my boundary! is represented instead with a set of stories or screenplays that anticipate a possible actualisation of the dwelling customisation process.


Animations describe overall geometry, functional responsiveness of the architectural environment, as well as the social interaction of its actors. This activity is constantly recorded and evaluated in the form of program scripts controlling boundary performance.

The representation is multi-layered: each frame of the scenario is combined with a short story about the specific housing cluster and with diagrams that show images of the actors and illustrate their mutual relations within the household.

Aljosa Dekleva
Manuela Gatto
Tina Gregoric
Robert Sedlak
Vasili Stroumpakos

  Aljosa Dekleva attained professional architectural training at Faculty of Achitecture, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and received a Master of Architecture with Distinction from the Architectural Association Design Research Laboratory. In 1998 he co-founded the architectural office ENOTA with Dean Lah and Milan Tomac. ENOTA has won several competitions and undertakes building work in Slovenia. [www.enota.si]

Manuela Gatto has graduated at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (IUAV) and in 2002 has obtained her Master of Architecture with distinction from the Design Research Laboratory (Architectural Association). She is currently teaching at the Architectural Association in London [www.aaschool.ac.uk/inter3] and collaborating with Zaha Hadid Architects. Together with Paolo Livi she's cofounder of the architectural practice s0039. [www.s0039.org]

Robert Sedlak has finished a concrete builder apprenticeship before he studied architecture at the University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg and subsequently at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, Design Research Laboratory (AADRL), London. He is practising in Germany as architect and graphic-designer. [www.robsed.com]

Tina Gregoric has graduated at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and received a Master of Architecture with Distinction from the Architectural Association Design Research Laboratory (AADRL). She is currently teaching architecture at Technische Univesitaet Graz, Austria and practices as a freelance architect as well as critical writer for architectural magazines. [www.tinagregoric.com]

Vasilis Stroumpakos studied at the Architects Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) and obtained his M.Arch from Architectural Association (AADRL) with distinction. Currently, he undertakes a research that leads to a PHD at the London Consortium, London, and teaches New Media studies at the AA Design Research Laboratory. [www.architorture.org]


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